Enchong Dee Spree

What’s Enchong Dee up to? He’s on Netflix naked, busy starring in the movie called Alter Me. He’s such a delight in the new flick, judging from the photos. Enchong’s serving up real sexy goodness, scene after scene. Who’s watching?

43 thoughts on “Enchong Dee Spree”

    1. mmm,sn may originality nmn sa pag gamit ng cream (Not Another Teen Movie by Cris Evans)he,he,he,akala ko BL gagawin nya kasi magaling syang artista at hunk,try nya bk mas kumita kaysa mga ganyan scene,sori ha peace,mmmm!

  1. damn. thanks for this.

    might watch Alter Me one of these days. i’m hoping royce cabrera has some smexy scenes too. ngl, i’m thinking of watching this bec of royce.

    1. Sorry, walang ganun kay Royce, good boy role s’ya dito. Sorry for spoiling, but watch it din to help Philippine entertainment industry kicking.

    1. At ikaw, ikinaganda mo ang ang panglalait sa kapwa lahi mo LGBTQ+. Kaya walang maniwala sa advocacy n’yo, you don’t know the word respectt. Leche ka!

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