Dad Bod

The weekend is here and Hideo Muraoka is the real deal! He’s a hot dad, for sure, and yes, dad bods should be like this one. Hard and firm. Fit and healthy. That dose of deliciousness in half-naked Hideo barely belies his dadhood status, eh?

The Foreigner

The token Brazilian gets main post today because, well, it’s been slim pickings lately from Hunk Alley. Trust Hideo Muraoka to deliver the goods (and VPL!) for the sexy shot. It seems like he’s enjoying the bulge-whoring lately. Of course, he’s hot that way!

Happy Returns

One of our favorite Brazilians is back in town! Hideo Muraoka is still in fine form, after his holidays in São Paulo. Remember when he was just starting out on Philippine shores, he was made to wear all the skimpy underwear in fashion and commercial shows. Of course, he’s still doing that these days, and he’s never been hotter than ever (Exhibits A and B above).

Hot day!

hideo11-copyBrazilian hunk Hideo Muraoka  has always been one of the traditional favorites in this site and he never fails to amaze us with his speedo shots.  He has always, well, warmed the cockles of our hearts (and maybe loins) with his gratuitous swimwear shots.  It’s his birthday month, too, and Hideo has grown on me over the years, if you ask me.

Hideo up front

hideoHideo Muraoka looks hot and sexy in this shot and finally he dons the swimwear with the bulge. Previously, the Brazilian model was more conservative shirtless in board shorts and jeans. Hopefully, he’ll always wear the swim trunks in his photo shoots. Because we can never get enough of this guy, that’s why!


Hideo copyNow that Brazilian model Hideo Muraoka is in Vietnam for the Philippine edition of Big Brother (now, that’s international!), all eyes are on this hunky guy for his sexy unguarded moments.  The cameras just love his mug and that gorgeous bod that comes with it. Today, we get a clear glimpse.

Hideo in the house!

Hideo2 copyIn Big Brother Houses around the world, nude shower scenes of the housemates always leak out of the woodwork. Of course, you won’t see that here, as the local edition doesn’t have cameras in the showers (do they?). I was hoping we’ll get to see new housemate Hideo Muraoka in the showers, and then again, we’ll just have to be contented probably with his shirtless shots inside the house. No nudity, more prudity!

Rainy season upon us

HideoSince we are seeing the end of summer with the heavy rains in the afternoons, it seems like we might just say buh-bye for now to hot and sexy guys in bikinis. But don’t despair just yet, as the wet and wild guys of the rainy season will soon appear like the proverbial mushrooms-during-the-rains. Also, don’t count out the speedo-wearing Brazilian models in town, led by King Hideo!


hideoThe only thing good about this oppressive summer heat is, of course, the sight of boys shedding layers of clothing in favor of, uh, undergarments and stuff. Nothing beats the hotness of the season than the sight of a nekkid hunk on the beach, on a blue sky. Just like the sight of a bulging Hideo, all prepped for the season.

Hottie Hideo

HideoBrazilian model-most-ubiquitous Hideo Muraoka is definitely here to stay. He’s still rockin’ it in those little underthings. Although this image is a bit tame as compared to his earlier body of work, this photo of Hideo with nice skin and very flat stomach and red speedos is enough to raise some temperatures of the arousing kind.

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