hideoThe only thing good about this oppressive summer heat is, of course, the sight of boys shedding layers of clothing in favor of, uh, undergarments and stuff. Nothing beats the hotness of the season than the sight of a nekkid hunk on the beach, on a blue sky. Just like the sight of a bulging Hideo, all prepped for the season.

46 thoughts on “Delight”

  1. I’ve seen daniel matsunaga and Hideo in person both in greenbelt albeit different dates. Mas bet ko si Hideo!!! ang hot lang tapos naka sando pa!!

  2. Kung ganito din lang ang nakabuyangyang sa Sala ko, baka hindi ko ito patayuin man lang sa kinauupuan nya… Aahhahahah!

  3. sarap hubaran then i-victory joe at himurin ang buats ng pwet. anu kaya amoy ng tumbong nya, mmmmmmmmm yummy, ipapasok ko dila ko

  4. If he has any intentions of staying and making a living here, dapat matuto sya magTagalog no para pwede sya mag artista like Daniel!

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