Hot Men in the Philippines

The Foreigner

The token Brazilian gets main post today because, well, it’s been slim pickings lately from Hunk Alley. Trust Hideo Muraoka to deliver the goods (and VPL!) for the sexy shot. It seems like he’s enjoying the bulge-whoring lately. Of course, he’s hot that way!

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  1. More of insecurity instead of lust ang naramdaman ko dahil sa kinis ng balat nya. Hirap ng may KP never maaachieve ang ganto. Haaayyy

  2. Watch out for jordan bartlett @halfaflip former nu bulldog, soon to be an archer or tiger??? Naunahan na sila ng klownz, yun na! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Maliit daw at baliko ang notey nitey sabi ng bilat na model na naka dyogdyogsn nitey7 years ago at nyopot daw pero walang amoy at mslinis daw sa katawan

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