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Hot day!

hideo11-copyBrazilian hunk Hideo Muraoka  has always been one of the traditional favorites in this site and he never fails to amaze us with his speedo shots.  He has always, well, warmed the cockles of our hearts (and maybe loins) with his gratuitous swimwear shots.  It’s his birthday month, too, and Hideo has grown on me over the years, if you ask me.

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    1. Anak, it means ‘the love of our soul, the core of our heart’. Anak, bakit ka andito, bekitsina ka na ba Bimby? Oh no, kuya Joshua would be sad. Nahawa kayo kay Tita Boy A.

      1. mom , no way ako maging beki. kasi naman po ikaw hindi mo binubura ang browsing history mo sa Iphone5-s mo so i looked. saka this are just pictures. no harm in looking at pictures. be openminded mom. the real harmful things here in this site of tita RD are the senseless brainless and retarded comments. Excuse po for the use of the word retarded.

    2. It refers to the chambers of RD’s heart: two atria and two ventricles.

      So si Hideo ang nagpapainit at nagpapatibok ng puso at puson na rin ni RD?

  1. I’ve seen Daniel Matsunaga and Hideo in person both in FORT aT different dates. Mas bet ko si Hideo!!! Ang hot lang !!!!

  2. Gusto ko hatakin ang waistband ng undies tsaka susuhin siya. Deepthroat. Uubusin ko ang sabaw mo! Ang sarap, leche!

  3. parang bilasa yata ang mukha niya rito… kind of tired and haggard ang dating… baka overworked siya… but in fairness lalaking-lalaki siya at delish talaga…

  4. my fantasy!!! sarap hubaran then i-victory joe at himurin ang butas ng pwet. mmmmmmmmm yummy, ipapasok ko dila ko

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