Team Player

We’re rooting for Enchong DeeΒ as he plays for our team! The 28-year-old actor donned the tri-suit last weekend and he’s bulging through the wetness. Of course, we don’t know a darn bit about the run-bike-swim routine that young actors do today, but we’re keeping an eye on those man-cock outlines.

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      1. To Anon 10:09 Hanggang sa computer screen ka lang naman matapang. Sa personal wala ka rin namang binatbat.#Ingrata


    1. Oo, gold star gay si mamang. Wala pang nakangkang na bilat yan in his 29 years of existence in this world. Kaya Major, Jormay ang achievementz na iyon. Period.

      1. Wag bitter bakla. Looks like you are describing your self not is very na mukhang ikaw ang wala pang nakakantot at your age haha.

  2. Bakla ba talaga siya or rumors rumors lang? Nag-follow siya ng mga hot foreigner guys sa instagram & nag like din ng mga half naked boys. What do you think? Bakla ba talaga? Notice niyo nag-iba smile niya ng bahagya? May ginagaya siya na famous white boy na crush niya siguro.

  3. Pa epal tong paminta na to eh. Tag ng tag Kay selena Gomez(the most followed person sa IG) as if naman papansinin siya. Mga Pinoy celebrity nga naman likas ang pagka-famwewhore at obsessed na maging hollywood sila. No chance naman ever, look at Ivan at Sam bumalik sa piling ni Madam deo edrinalz. Haha. Di makuntento sa blessings nila gaya ng mga thais(Mario bebe😍), japanese at Koreans na proud sa countries nila kaya kahit local success Lang bongga. It’s okay to have big dreams naman but make sure they’re realistic. Diba Fia? Kahit binayaran mo ang MU to win para maging “stepping stone kuno sa hollywoods”(thanks to rich politicians na chinukchak mo during your BBP days), balik pinas ka pa din. Well, takes more than a talent(if you really have oneπŸ˜‰) to succeed sa entertainment biz abroad. even if you’re ugly and not blessed with a fabulous life like me charot, be contented and be thankful to be alive and breathing, you’ll find happiness. Yun Lang ang point kol Kaloka haba ng Sunday reflection ko as if naman mababasa ng mga kapamilya stars to charot! Anyways, to anyone reading this, I hope you have a good day and whatever that is your heart desires, I hope you achieve it. ✌🏻&πŸ’™

      1. 10 sentencenceseses lang di mo pa mabasa? Balik ka sa grade 4 bebe. My gawd! Pumutok ang mga ugat ko sa elbows at talampakan bigla!

      1. Yan lang ba insulto mo, bakla? You’re so 2006 with your “inday inday” kabaklaan. Nakikibasa ka lang, manahimik kang parlorista ka! Shut your smelly faggot mouth and sweep the floor. Naiipon na ang buhok sa sahig, vaks! Bye bakla! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    1. buti pa sya madami time nyaa sa pag type na ganyan ka haba, ako busy pa ako sa pag iisip paano tatalunin ang mga ardiente ahahahahahahaha

    2. Worth the read. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Breathe of fresh air from all the dugyutin malivogue comments here.

    3. May punto ka nga, sissie! Good example yung two “kapamilya stars” na you mentioned sa mga gays here na may “unrealistic fantasies at goals” in life. Sometimes mental issue din ka si yang mga fantasies sa brains nila. Hindi ma-resolve sa isang usapan lang, kailangan ng psychiatrist at professionals.

      1. Hiyang-hiya naman ang mga manager ng Banko, mga big boss ng kumpanya, mga hardworking people na walang time mag log in dito sa rddantes vax!! As if naman importante ang oras mo or ang buhay mo. Chaka mo pa maka-caps lock ka Halatang baklang parloristang iskwater. Panget ka malamang. Period. Babush. Baklush.

  4. Are you sure it’s man-cock outline madam RD?
    Coz it might be man-wedgie outline that’s showin in that suit. Pls clarify

  5. For show lang ba ex GF nya kuno? nawala , baket?
    Na KC Concepcion din? (“A woman has needs he can’t give”)

  6. Ayaw pa kasi mag come out e alam naman na ng lahat about him. Napaka lamya pa at nang iirap ang bru!

  7. i dont believe nag sex sila ni Piolita. Kasi pareho silang BOTTOM. Wala mangyayari unless mutual JO lang

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