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Dear Derriere

Oh, you’ve seen Dingdong Dantes‘s buttocks some time ago. I think that was when he covered the annual centerfold issue of Cosmo [Phils] magazine 6 years ago. This year, he flashed his dear derriere again, albeit in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene in his movie One More Try. Would you also kiss-sniff his ass?
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    1. let’s see kunh mapanindigan ay Mamaintain nya yan.. Tatanda rin si Dong, malalaos at may bagong darating na mas bata at mas magaling! HAHA

  1. araw araw sigurong ginagawa ni marian kay dingdong ang ganyan. baka di lang pwet kundi pati burat na maliit. hahaha

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