And Sons, Too

The fruit does not fall far from the tree, with all its sturdy wooden wonders. Jomari and Andre Yllana smolder alike, and while Jomari joined BenchBody in his bulgestastic underwear shots immediately when he turned 18 in 1994, the bigger question is: will Andre be donning the sexy BenchBody suit soon, too?

They may not look identical, but Jericho and Santino Rosales each have endearing boy-next-door traits. Beauty comes in all shapes, seniority and sizes, but the younger ‘un seems to be catching up on daddy’s relaxed good looks. Santino is definitely coming on his own now.

Des Garçons

Let us take a moment to take a quick look back at some of the boys who dropped trou exactly three years ago today at the Bench Naked Truth show. One of my favorite sequences was that of these four little boys, who tried to outdo one another with their fifteen seconds of arena fame. Who had the best bulge? The cutest nips? The sickest abs? Thanks to these naked teases but the only question left to ask now is – When will the next show happen? November 18 at the MOA?

Kinky Ink

I have never been a big fan of tats. However, if it’s one inked n’ nekkid guy like Ivan Carapiet, I’d be willing to set aside my serious bias towards the body marks. Besides, the tats don’t really overshadow his hot body, chiseled face and, uh, other endowments.

Jump Naked

We jump back in time today, when Maico Eduria a.k.a. Josh Ivan Morales a.k.a Tito Jo was bursting with joy in this photo. Joy may not be the only thing bursting in our midst, and things like this one are hard to come by these days. So gaze and be amazed, behold the happy jumping man!

Bein’ Green

For throwback, we have a serving of Zeus Arellano, who once tried for BenchBody underwear before hitting it (relatively) big as a lead endorser for rival Folded & Hung. Frankly, I can only go as far as his BenchBody days, and I do not know much where he really came from. Actually. I’m crowdsourcing. You may enter reliable info in the comments below.

Then and Now


In the olden days of gay abandon, the boys were more daring and bold. These days, the usual cock-teasing is a skimpy bikini, whole or half-worn.  It is a few days before the work week ends, and a little (or huge) dick shot might just lift up your weary workaholic bones.

In fighting form

DandanDaniel Matsunaga is now known as the cute prime time leading man. He will no longer show his ample buttocks and 70s bush to you, and you! But it’s okay. We are happy for his success in the business. Daniel is one of those cool dudes who are, in person – charming, witty, and enjoyable. I’d go for enjoyable.

Throwback images:


Baron v. Kiko

baron Kiko

Tomorrow there’ll be smut! For now, place your bets! This one’s going to be the big fight of the, uh, month. There will be blood and lots of guts spilled! Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos are headlining the Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) fight night pretty soon to settle their differences. Throwback swimwear photos of the two – who we wish to just kiss and make out up – are posted here.

Hall the way!

JonHall1209They don’t make them like they used to. Bench underwear models a decade ago were badass handsome men, smelling of tough testosterone in their underwear photo shoots.  Figure that one out with Exhibit A: Jon Hall who owned the underwear brand’s endorsement in its early shop years.  Jon Hall is the real Bench Body model. Twinks are so 2016.

TBT: Marvin


Did you know that actor and successful entrepreneur Marvin Agustin used to be a Bench underwear model? Ages ago, when the the world was a wee bit younger and the internet was just a novelty and money was scarce and showbiz actors were innocent, Marvin paraded in his teeny tiny undies at the Araneta Coliseum in one of the first shows for Bench.  There!

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