And Sons, Too

The fruit does not fall far from the tree, with all its sturdy wooden wonders. Jomari and Andre Yllana smolder alike, and while Jomari joined BenchBody in his bulgestastic underwear shots immediately when he turned 18 in 1994, the bigger question is: will Andre be donning the sexy BenchBody suit soon, too?

They may not look identical, but Jericho and Santino Rosales each have endearing boy-next-door traits. Beauty comes in all shapes, seniority and sizes, but the younger ‘un seems to be catching up on daddy’s relaxed good looks. Santino is definitely coming on his own now.

Oldies but goodies

OldiesIn showbiz years, they would be considered old. But look at those bods of Piolo Pascual (left) and Jericho Rosales! They would put to shame a horny 18-year-old boy today.  Seriously, these two guys who have very impressive bodies of work in films and tv, (and even music), are not yet way past their prime.   Piolo is 38 while Jericho is 35 years old, and they look amazing.  Who’s your fancy?

Misc. Boys in Shorts


Joseph Marco keeps his greatest asset – his body – fit and fab by going to the boxing gym. Shirtless.


Newly-wed Jericho Rosales is having all the sexy time he wants.


Leading man in distress Piolo Pascual contemplates his career by the river.


MMA fighter Mark Striegl shows off his fine form in Guitar undies.


And don’t you think Matteo Guidicelli‘s getting sexier by the minute?

The Year That Was: Resurgence

The year 2011 saw a lot of careers getting revived, each pump-primed to a second life and how! Topping the list is Derek Ramsay. After years of relative success, the hunky actor suddenly struck gold with the crazy box-office take of his third quarter movies, the campy drama No Other Woman and the inane comedy The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin, the two highest-grossing Filipino flicks of 2011.

In runner-up position would have to be Dennis Trillo. After a series of bad luck [and bad press] in the past, Dennis got busy in 2011 – three movies and two tv soaps where he played leading man. Such feat, in retrospect, is unmatched by his peers in the industry.

Honorable mention [from the top, clockwise] – Brazilian model Hideo Muraoka disappeared after his hugely popular tighty-whities ad campaign for F & H and came back with a bigger bang as top model for leading department store SM. Actor Jericho Rosales, on a career slump for the past few years, is slowly getting back into lead actor position with new soaps and shows for ABS-CBN. Model Borgy Manotoc is suddenly all over the ubiquitous Bench Body boards in the metro, after retreating from the limelight for years.
Bikini boy Johnron Tanada who hastily left the Philippines for a Macau gig also re-appeared – still in fine come-hither form – and did a couple of daring indie flicks. GMA exclusive Mike Tan, after languishing in supporting-actor roles for years in the station, greatly benefitted from the Paulo Avelino departure and quickly grabbed prime roles. Brazilian model Daniel Matsunaga recovered from his past Bangkok scandal and quickly transitioned into doing TV, some movies and major TVC deals.

Jericho Rosales returns

Actor Jericho Rosales is trying to get back his leading-man status card. He is set to return on ABS-CBN’s prime time block through the soap Dahil May Isang Ikaw, which is a heavy drama series. He is headlining this one, together with big stars to back him up in the genre that catapulted him to relative fame a few years back. Too, it seems that all is well and good on Jericho’s side again as he gets to endorse big commercial products [e.g. Skyflakes Crackers, Extra Joss Energy Drink, Walker Underwear], sing [his self-titled album just got released] and act [tv series plus some guest appearances in his home studio’s shows].

The Beach 2

It’s actor Jericho Rosales with a teener named Marc Josef Elizalde clowning around at a La Union beach – a surfing destination. While Jericho has missed his chance at an A-list confirmation, way up there with the leading men of his time, still, he is a fine actor with classic good Filipino looks. When he is not busy with his acting and singing careers, he hangs out with buddy Josef and a host of younger surfers in San Juan, La Union to unwind. And wait for the Big Kahuna.

Jericho works it!

ABS-CBN actor Jericho Rosales is starting anew. Again. After a three-year absence [read: no project offers], he’s back on tv with shows and soaps. It’s a good thing because here’s one talented actor who can truly whip it up in the acting department. He has also taken up singing, as he’s expressed his love to write and perform his own songs. It’s a whole new [and less cheesy] Jericho Rosales this time. Again. Hopefully, we will see him more and more these days. And, oh by the way, have you seen his commercial ad for Skyflakes crackers? Hawt!