Don’t you just love Carlos Agassi these days? He’s practically naked in all his social media postings and nobody’s unfollowing.  He’s mighty proud of his body of work, as illustrated in this shot: it’s awesome how the steam/smoke and wet underwear can come together. Of course, that impossibly-honed physique is criminally sexy.


It’s the start of the long weekend this side of the pond, and this is the lazy-ass post. I am now officially on vacation, but I just can’t leave this wayward site on a standstill. Today, we see the usual suspects – tv and movie actors and underwear models all, who continue to tease and please in their underthings.

Ejay kept it warm and balmy with his check-patterned undies, while Arron gave off that twinky vibe in stripes. And the side swept bangs! *gasp!

Why is Jake unhappy? Why is Carlos so perky? Are crazy patterns the trend these days in men’s undergarments?

The Hunks

Although the years have taken their toll on their bodies, the memories of a titillating and arousing past will forever be etched in our collective horny thoughts. Puberty lust objects, Josh Ivan Morales and Carlos Agassi were seen together by a beach resort  as presenters for a bikini open (Allen Molina won this one, again. Of course.) This is your Sunday dose of man-meat!

Prime Selfies

Horny teens of the early aughts will know this group. While this is not yet a shirtless retrospective of that era, this post is a tiny (no pun) panoply of the hunks who came before us. These days they’re still looking superb and worth a second look. Happy weekend everyone!

Under Agassi

Carlos Agassi is ready for his close up now, and he can do it at any angle. We may have seen too much of him of late in his social media accounts, but this one is the best photo so far. Legs, abs and everything in between, Carlos never fails to deliver.



Agassi2You’ve seen Carlos Agassi countless times in his undergarments. However, every time he comes out with his own promo for his underwear endorsement, it seems like everything’s new and fresh again. Mr. Agassi loves to show off his physique and innate charms. He keeps revealing himself, as the days and years progress. He’s definitely getting hotter these days!

Workout Boys!

Snap out of the weekend deadness and get your lazy ass back on track. Get motivated to have a nice body and healthy lifestyle. Speaking of motivated, here are some boys who regularly go to the gym for that bangin’ bod-


Erstwhile teenybopper Diego Loyzaga gets pumped (in a good way).


Benjamin Alves proves he’s no sissyboy as he does the battle ropes!


Carlos Agassi does what he does best. In his Guitar underwear!


Miko Pasamonte works out in his undies, too. (Let’s play a game of spot the photoshopped/distorted areas in this picture.)

Sunday Miscellany

Boys and our particular interest in their various body parts.


Daniel Padilla speaks softly but carries a big stick!

Kris Porter

Kris Porter kisses a boy ?!


Enrique Gil and a bump.


Tiny Thomas Torres dares.

 Zeus copy

Zeus Collins is really hot!

agassi copy

Carlos Agassi prepares for summer.

Beach hunk Carlos

IMG_0832Appreciating nature is not what I’d do everyday. But this would be a perfect scenery for me. Cloudy skies, warm light, wayward waves. Plus Carlos Agassi in his *gasp* wet Guitar underwear! The hunky actor-singer is, of course, demonstrating to us how to be an underwear model, with all the cuts and bumps in the right places.

Yes now the rains ..

carlosThis is the lazy post, because it’s Friday and the first boy-in-briefs I see in the files is Carlos Agassi. Of course, I’m not going to beg your indulgence with this one, because right now you are indulging in this fine specimen. The thing is, there is a dearth of legit hot men out there who are posing in their undergarments because it’s simply not the season. Carlos is our 24/7/365 sexy underwear boss!

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