Sunday Miscellany

Boys and our particular interest in their various body parts.


Daniel Padilla speaks softly but carries a big stick!

Kris Porter

Kris Porter kisses a boy ?!


Enrique Gil and a bump.


Tiny Thomas Torres dares.

 Zeus copy

Zeus Collins is really hot!

agassi copy

Carlos Agassi prepares for summer.

Young male pits

Did you know that there’s a term for armpit fetishism? It’s called maschalagnia, and it involves “kissing, tasting, tickling and smelling their partner’s armpits during sexual foreplay.”   I  had to Google that up because I wanted to do a post on today’s most popular boys in showbiz showing off their pits. Some are shaved, some are thick. Which pit do you like?

jamesHandsome boy James Reid trims his pits.


Douchebag-of-the-hour Enrique Gil doesn’t grow hair there.


Hugely popular Alden Richard is a delight with the underarm tuft.


And Daniel Padilla is also sparse in that region.


DJ PadillaYou can just imagine how many requests I get almost everyday for a feature on big, big star Daniel Padilla. But he doesn’t have sexy shirtless photos just like his older brother, I would reply. So when the opportunity came, in the form of a lazing-around DJ on a river raft, I had to post right away to satisfy the countless fans this teen phenom has. In any case, if you’re in the minority (read: not an admirer), you can always refer to the side posts for sleazier posts.