Marco Gone By

While we may never find out what really happened with his meltdown, Marco Morales will always be our ultimate daring boy in gay indie flicks – shedding clothes after clothes, dangling nuts and knob like a  soft porn star. Here’s to throwback Thursday!

Then and Now

The then image would have to be the one on the left, of course, when GForce dancer Jan Stephen Noval was just starting out in the biz. He’s now one of the more popular members of the pop-and-lock group owing to his hot bod, good looks and connections.

Jon Hall Had Hair

In the olden days, Jon Hall had hair. He looked like a naughty college jock. Back then he was the favorite underwear model of a fledgling brand, Bench. Jon was one of the original endorsers for the men’s briefs brand. He has since retired, after modelling countless underthings for Bench.

Derick and then some

Speaking of Derick Hubalde, the hunky green man with the giant snakes on afternoon tv [Zuma] looked leaner and meaner when he was just starting out in the modelling biz several years ago. Now that he’s acting on national tv, he gained some poundage and how. Do you prefer this look? By the way, half-hidden is Marx Topacio with the bulge.

T-back Thursday

And on Thursdays, we do t-back. 


Hell yeah, it’s F-back Friday! Time for some dick, t-back style. How’s it going for you?

Body is a weapon

Speaking of Harry, his former pal and roommate Paulo Avelino is raking it in in show business. After his transfer to ABS-CBN years ago he became a household name, landing lead roles in the prime time soaps of the station. He went underwear sexy, too, in the Bench Body ads a couple of years ago. When will he don those little underthings again?

Wonder Jock

For throwback Thursday, we have a dose of another rangy sizable man, with miles and miles of legs to cover. Neil Etheridge once blazed through the underwear scene in this Folded and Hung campaign. It turns out he was endorsing “enhancing underwear” then called the pouch technology, designed to show off a fuller package. We were convinced.

throwBack Luke

Front or backside, Luke Jickain looks good at any angle. The veteran model has practically done every ad, TVC and runway show in town for A-list designers and commercial brands. He was once an underwear model for Bench Body.


A few years ago, a then fledgling model and ex-varsity player from San Sebastian College who went by the unique name of Zanjoe Marudo suddenly came into the exclusive models club of local brand Bench. The rest, of course, is history as Zanjoe made a huge leap into tv and the movies.  He’s now one of the more recognizable faces in ABS-CBN’s stable of talents. 
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