The Brothers Manansala

All that famewhoring paid off for brothers Jovani and Junnel Manansala. Known for taking their shirts off and constant cock-teasing in social media (how else would we notice?), the brothers are now in the Folded and Hung digital ads. They bring a certain working-boys zest to these parts, which is always appreciated in this sleazy site, if you ask me.

Full body shots

The gods of sexy are endorsing the local brands this summer! Zeus (the god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods) Collins is standing in for the Folded and Hung collection this hot, hot season. He may not be donning the underwear brand a la Hideo Muraoka of years past but he’s surely rockin’ the small shorts shirtless!

Of course, you’ve heard of Pietro Boselli for Bench Body underwear. His bulge is all over the malls and Bench stores in the country. The world’s hottest maths teacher maybe overexposed but I don’t mind a second serving of him in Bench Body undies any time!

A Porno Lately

anal-prey-tool anal-reply-too

There’s more! It’s such a shame not to share, really. Today’s pre-weekend come on is our new favorite barely-legal boy in all his bathroom selfie-dickfie glory. After all, nude male celebs will always get a bit more attention than, say, non-nude male celebs.We can’t complain about the size of it all!


Graham Misagh

Suddenly, it’s 2011 again! It’s the year of the football (and rugby) players endorsing jeans and underwear! Remember that year when the likes of Neil Etheridge, Aly Borromeo and the Volcanoes donned sexy undies in various ads? This year, football players Graham Caygill (for Bench Body) and Misagh Bahadoran (for F&H) are taking the lead! Hopefully, the other guys will follow their sexy paths.


And then again, no one comes close to that underwear stunt Neil Etheridge pulled that year, huh?

Enrique is ♥ as always


Heck, it could be a good start. You know, Enrique Gil going all the way, all the underwear way for his Folded & Hung endorsement. This bathroom mirror selfie – though grainy and far – will do for our collective fantasies about this smooth and beautiful boy. For now.

Summer is here!


Enrique Gil says hi.

Wonder Jock

For throwback Thursday, we have a dose of another rangy sizable man, with miles and miles of legs to cover. Neil Etheridge once blazed through the underwear scene in this Folded and Hung campaign. It turns out he was endorsing “enhancing underwear” then called the pouch technology, designed to show off a fuller package. We were convinced.

Endless Summer Nights

Would you like to spend endless summer nights with popstar-researching-oblivion Sam Milby? Like sinfully sweaty evenings with the 30-year-old actor-singer? Folded and Hung has just released his images for the clothing company’s summer campaign and Sam’s sexy sticky, drenched dripping in his new ad for F&H!


Heck yeah! It’s Enrique Gil for top brand Folded and Hung! This 19-year-old Cebuano is getting all the big breaks in ABS-CBN. His exposure in the station’s variety shows and prime time soaps is putting him in the Next-Big-Star Department. Also, after that sneak peek in last year’s Cosmo bash, what’s next for Enrique this year?

Last Hurrah

He may not be in our midst anymore as he has chosen to go on to another life [abroad], but Sam Milby manages to make one final appearance for Folded and Hung in its summer campaign. Shirtless and still in his element, Sammy heats up the summer season for the local brand, which is slowly trying to build up barely-legal teens as its new sexy endorsers.
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