Full body shots

The gods of sexy are endorsing the local brands this summer! Zeus (the god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods) Collins is standing in for the Folded and Hung collection this hot, hot season. He may not be donning the underwear brand a la Hideo Muraoka of years past but he’s surely rockin’ the small shorts shirtless!

Of course, you’ve heard of Pietro Boselli for Bench Body underwear. His bulge is all over the malls and Bench stores in the country. The world’s hottest maths teacher maybe overexposed but I don’t mind a second serving of him in Bench Body undies any time!

47 thoughts on “Full body shots”

  1. kaya naman pala nakaya nung guy na makipaghalikan kay chokoleit eh iPhone7 daw ang niregalo ng hitad…makapag-ipon na nga ng panregalong iphone…hahaha
    Feeling ko nga lahat silang comedians dun sa bar may video na may nilalanding guy…kaloka

    1. girl cheap din ang materials ng Bench, nadadaan lang sa international models, but when it comes to materials and apparels design cheap din sila. You should know, lost thread and bacon na brief mo. hahaha

  2. Wala na talagang TAKOT sa katawan o sakit ung guy na nkipag-French kiss as in torridly kay Tsokoleit, YUCK 🤢 to d highest level!!! Dapat pa-tokhang ung guy bka naka droga para masikmura lang ung bagay na un…

  3. Parang may malice ang post mo RD ha. Partial ka sa Bench na sosy ang endorser at ang Folded e pa pwet pwet lang

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