Then and Oww

The times they are a-changin! Martin del Rosario had his fair share of risque and racy images on the internet and this one takes the cake. Or sweet buns. Whatever, he’s happy being a versatile actor on tv and the movies, and the show of skin is frosting on the cake.

Des Garçons

Let us take a moment to take a quick look back at some of the boys who dropped trou exactly three years ago today at the Bench Naked Truth show. One of my favorite sequences was that of these four little boys, who tried to outdo one another with their fifteen seconds of arena fame. Who had the best bulge? The cutest nips? The sickest abs? Thanks to these naked teases but the only question left to ask now is – When will the next show happen? November 18 at the MOA?


It has been another tireless year of boys and men in all their states of shirtlessness (and oft times, nakedness)! Definitely, we had a bumper crop of them, and today’s a compilation of the top ten posts of 2016 based on user views and comments combined.

10.  Self Tanner.  How can you resist that handsome mug? One of the safest posts, yet the response was overwhelming! Everybody loves Tanner Mata!

9.  Man of the Year.  Karanjit Singhdole won Man of the Year, besting 11 others in Indonesia, and everyone went apeshit wth the bile and brimstone. I still couldn’t figure out why.

8.  Filling Station.  Viral petrol boy CJ Querol joins a contest, and everyone weighed on his chances of winning.

7.  Disrobed.  This, undoubtedly, is the Photo of the Year! Martin del Rosario admits to its authenticity.

6.  Starshine. *Gasp! It’s him and we can’t get enough of that Baloney Poney!

5.  Eternal Onion.  Ronnie Alonte’s fake nude made for some wild imaginings!

4.  Wankers.  Famewhores Matt Ivan Oda Chopitea and Christian Lloyd Garcia were suspects in a murder-robbery case. They went scot-free.

3.  Free Transform.  Luke (formerly Lucky) Conde’s amazing transformation generates buzz!

2.  Sexy Mature Man.  Indeed he is!

  1.  I Am Nine! The 9th anniversary of this site and we had a real treat in those easily recognizable lips, nips and abs! The lovely penis was the cherry on the sundae!

Best Bods

MartenzoThese are stunning images  actually of the hot young boys of Bench Body underwear. Sometimes, the underwear ads and poses of Enzo Pineda and Martin del Rosario impress me more than their, uh, body of work in showbusiness. But that’s just me, and I’m also picking Martin as my choice between the two. And then again, Enzo’s not at all bad with that yummy bulge!

The Boys

enriquePardon the Bench Body images of late. It’s their back-to-school season, so they came out with a collection of underwear and garments for the fashion-savvy kids. I think. And then again, it’s more than enough reason to shoot celebrity endorsers in their flesh-baring poses.

Enrique4Enrique Gil, one of the more popular actors today, gets his due. Of course, his home station prohibits him to show his butt and bulge again until he grows some armpit hair. I’m making that up, because I think 24-year-old Mr. Gil will eventually drop those pants to show off his white Bench Body undies. In a few years, probably.

MartinConsider Enrique’s contemporary, Martin del Rosario. Although Martin’s younger by a year, he’s been churning out the underwear posts like there’s no Bench Body tomorrow! Plus who could forget that extra special Martin post in camo tank top with dick-a-dangling? He’s way hotter, right?

M & M

MarkMuch has been said about Markki (top) and Martin (bottom). There is always a narrative whenever I post photos of the two. Maybe it’s their boldness in appearing half-naked for Bench Body. Maybe it’s their respective talents in the entertainment industry.

MartinAside from their remarkable physical attributes, we got too fascinated with their happy and colorful personal lives, too. I doff my hat to these two boys, not just for purposes of beauty and physical attraction, but for their being well-rounded. We have to love our own.

Au naturel

IMG_1338 copyThe reason I’m loving ubiquitous MDR these days is because he embraces both his physical attributes and talent, and has a good time whatever he’s doing. He takes on every role on tv (and the movies) that does not confine him to any stereotype. Well those reasons, and the fact that he’s prodigiously hirsute.

The Sweetest Thing


.. is Love, of course. (more…)

Martin about town

MartinDR1 It would be gay travesty really if I do not put his newest pictures in this blog. (more…)

Lay Down

IMG_0310Today is a good day to lie down and relax. Maybe watch a movie or even the television. While you’re at it, tune in to Karelasyon later after Eat Bulaga on GMA. The episode, which is actually pushing the envelope on risqué subjects, is all about kept men  Jeric Gonzales, Martin del Rosario and Mark McMahon. I must say, the rich gay guy has taste.

jakeyMaybe if I’m that rich person, I’ll take Martin on Mondays, Mark on Tuesdays and Jeric on weekdays, with an all out party with dem three boys on weekends. But I digress, all I’m saying is that we should all watch later. The other guy lying down is Jake Cuenca who has not actually hung up his underwear for modeling purposes. He’s the newest endorser of Guitar and I can’t giddy-wait for his next shots!

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