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It has been another tireless year of boys and men in all their states of shirtlessness (and oft times, nakedness)! Definitely, we had a bumper crop of them, and today’s a compilation of the top ten posts of 2016 based on user views and comments combined.

10.  Self Tanner.  How can you resist that handsome mug? One of the safest posts, yet the response was overwhelming! Everybody loves Tanner Mata!

9.  Man of the Year.  Karanjit Singhdole won Man of the Year, besting 11 others in Indonesia, and everyone went apeshit wth the bile and brimstone. I still couldn’t figure out why.

8.  Filling Station.  Viral petrol boy CJ Querol joins a contest, and everyone weighed on his chances of winning.

7.  Disrobed.  This, undoubtedly, is the Photo of the Year! Martin del Rosario admits to its authenticity.

6.  Starshine. *Gasp! It’s him and we can’t get enough of that Baloney Poney!

5.  Eternal Onion.  Ronnie Alonte’s fake nude made for some wild imaginings!

4.  Wankers.  Famewhores Matt Ivan Oda Chopitea and Christian Lloyd Garcia were suspects in a murder-robbery case. They went scot-free.

3.  Free Transform.  Luke (formerly Lucky) Conde’s amazing transformation generates buzz!

2.  Sexy Mature Man.  Indeed he is!

  1.  I Am Nine! The 9th anniversary of this site and we had a real treat in those easily recognizable lips, nips and abs! The lovely penis was the cherry on the sundae!

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  1. #7 a waste of slot… plus redundant with #4 FAMEWHORE (oops description pala ang famewhore and not the actual tag of #4) anyway he maybe taking great lengths to sell his name and his sexual escapade (typical of gays as compared to the hunks whose sexcapde leaks are not deliberate) but no one bites so sad.

      1. ay, nagkamali ako ng signature. confusing! andame ko kc alias. hoy tonta, kung di ka marunong mag-english quiet kn lang noh! satsat satsat ka jan, chupcharapin kaya kita?!

    1. Huh? Parang walang sense sinasabi mo. Are you talikng about MDR? Or you are just confused with the numbering? As the previous commentor said, ” dami mong sat sat”!

  2. I love Tanner Mata! Guwapo, wholesome ang mukha pero nakakalibog ang katawan! Iyong Luis Hontiveros kadiri! Hindi na sisikat. Parang tambay sa kanto. I love Matt Ivan and Christian Lloyd kaso afraid ako ma-tegi! Si Martin Del Rosario, bet ko! Guwapo na, daks pa! At least hindi siya sinungaling na tao, sinabi niya totoo na siya iyong nasa pic! Iyong iba huling-huli na, story-telling-a-lie pa!

    1. Well i think the ranking is based on the number of comments. Sana dinamihan mo comments para nag number 1 sya. Kaya wag ka na mag reclaim (ika nga ni jimmy santos)!

  3. Happy New Year guys!!! Thanks Sir Rd for the wonderful, groin tingling posts daily! Thank you too to my number one fan/pest lola Rita for conceding and accepting defeat. Thank you poh lola for acknowledging that you simply are a degenerate and an insignificant creature poh who is polluting the earth with your inherent filth poh. Thank you also poh for impersonating me poh, it surely reinstate poh how pathetic and dismal your existence must have been poh for you to find indulgence in using someone else’s identity poh.

    1. Wag mo na ko patulan please, talong talo mo na ko. Insicure lng nman ako syo dahil mas maganda at mas matalino ka s kin. Tpos peymous k pa e ako pintasera lng. Sinsya na.

      1. talo ka talaga, tonta! age and AIDS always win. i have been around forever, like the jumbo hotdogs forever entering, wriggling and hardening before exiting my hot throat. kaya nga ako peymous noh!

  4. Sorry di sila pasado sa taste ko. – Inah Evans a.k.a “baklang kanal” “barangay queen” “mother kepler”

  5. si Lucy Conde andya din pala pansinin nyo naman mga ateh, nagpagawa ng ilong gaya ni Kiki Arcilla na magkamuka na sila hahaha

  6. Happy New Year at salamat sa entertaining na blog at pati mga comments na minsan magagaling at nakawiwindang. Hny!

  7. La-ocean deep na ang tita ken alfonso nyo? Wala na sa top ten? Aba kaya naman pala naglamierda nalang sa barcelona with the bf.

  8. Happy New Year Mama RD❤️❤️❤️ We love your site and we will support you til the end!!! More Power! More Lust! More boys! More Flesh! More Scandals to CUMMMMM!!! Happy Anniversary too💋💋💋

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