I Am Nine!

by: rddantes March 2, 2016 | 173 Comments |

Today is extra special because in a year’s time, I’ll be 10! On March 2, 2007, I made my first posts, however raw and crude, with the objective of sharing photos of hot Filipino men. The site has since evolved, oft times caving in to your racy requests.  And since, you’re not actually reading this, we might as well go to the token Penis Shots of Famous Guy. I told you, this is a special day!

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173 Comments on "I Am Nine!"

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Janjan says:

    John Spainhour

  3. Markangelo says:


  4. ALDUB says:

    It looks like it is john spainhour :).

  5. Anonymous says:

    Link please

  6. Calvin says:

    Congratulations, RD! I’ve been a follower since 2007. You’ve really come a long way!

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Lupita says:

    Omg. Salamaaaaaaat RD! 😍😍😍

  9. Anonymous says:

    Shet! Is that John Spainhour?!? P***** **a! Sino nanay mo?!?

  10. Anonymous says:

    That bullet pendant!

  11. happy anniversary!!! ^_^ i’ll assume this is Josh Harpunion. hehehe

  12. Serwik says:

    Happy anniversary! Been reading since 2007! Nagsusulok sulok ako sa mga computer shop nung 1st yr college para lang magtago at tinitignan tignan ang mga post! Never missed a post everyday! Maraming salamat Rd! 🙂 Thank God dahil nandyan ka! To more years of Hot Filipino Men!

  13. Kiriray says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    S P A I N H O U R – Nine letters

  15. Hey says:

    John spainhour

  16. chuva says:

    oh john.

  17. Anonymous says:

    jupot pala si koya JS.

  18. first says:

    wow, gising na gising na ako.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Pakshet!! Luv u RD for this. Thanks

  20. Anonymous says:

    Oh john!!

  21. Bitch says:

    Omg JS?

  22. Anonymous says:

    oh my! ang sarap! is that john spainhour?



  24. tony says:

    the best way to celebrate an anniversary of course is to have a huge cock in the midst of the celebration, happy anniversary rd! more huge cocks to come!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Ang kinis ni junjun ha!

  26. Anonymous says:

    John Spainhour

  27. kyle b says:

    Oh boy. Is that John S ? Dude you’re a nine indeed and maybe 10 ! Congrats RD ! Happy 10th 🙂

  28. kyle b says:

    Thanks RD for all you do to make us all happy !

  29. Nic says:

    Omg! John spainhour?

  30. Peter says:

    Wow. Since it’s your Anniv and I am an avid fansite. I will share my personal collection of Jay Gonzaga nude photos. Pls send me your email so I can send it today as my annivesary gift to you.

  31. Anonymous says:

    OOOHHHH MY JOHN😱 Be generous guys link please

  32. Anonymous says:

    Happy Anniversary RD. Been a reader since way back too. Hoping for more to come. Keep it up [pun intended] ;).

  33. Anonymous says:

    Uncut sya?!

  34. spanishboy says:

    hola RD…primero…maraming maraming salamat sa effort mo na mapaligaya ang mundo ng sankabaklaan na pinoy san man dako ng mundo sila naroroon ay isang malaking ngiti at saya ang handog ng iyong blog. i remember when i first learned of your site..it was back then,hotmeninthephilippines.blogspot.com. i was already here in spain at nakita ko un site some time 2008,,talagang binalikan ko lahat ng posts mo since day 1…at mula noon di na ako bumitiw sa pagsubaybay sau araw araw hanggat nirerecommend ko pa nga sa mga baklush kong friends dito sa madrid at sa US..anyways…happy 9th anniversary and congratulations….atleast sa mundo ng kabaklaan isa kang award winning blogger hahahahaha… keep up the good work for us…stay healthy always..sana lang naman minsan sumagot ka naman sa mga posts namin hehehe..ciao…que tengas un buen dia..

  35. Anonymous says:

    Da ril bidyo skandal, at hindi yun isa na walang mukha

  36. Anonymous says:

    Link to the video pls… Hornyboyshaven and asianhornytales have stopped uploading celeb scandals. Were they threatened or paid not to expose?

  37. Anonymous says:

    sana may video link na din paraas special dba haha..Happy Anniversary to pne of my favorite blog! 😉 🙂

  38. Anonymous says:

    video pls. haha had to check on IG. xa n nga ohmygulay

  39. Anonymous says:

    Congrats RD. Ive been a follower of this for a very long time.

  40. Gandara says:

    Happy 9th yr! Tnx for sharing and more scandal 🙂

  41. Anonymous says:

    HAPPY 9th YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO YOU OUR ROYAL HIGHNESS RDDantes!!! 🎉🎉🎉💝💝💝👑👑👑🍺🍺🍺🎂🎂🎂🌹🌹🌹🌈🌈🌈 YOU’RE ONE IN A MILLION, I’D BEEN A REGULAR, CONSTANT, CONSISTENT AND AVIDLY DEDICATED FAN AND FOLLOWER OF YOU AND YOUR BLOG!!! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE LGBT COMMUNITY HAPPY AT ITS MOST!!! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!!! YOU ALWAYS DELIGHT AND SURPRISE EVERYDAY!!! SINCE 2007 TO PRESENT YOU NEVER FAILED ALL OF US, I KNEW FROM D VERY START THIS WEBSITE WILL COME ALONG WAY!!! WE HOPE THIS SHALL TAKE FOREVER… THANK U AND I ❤️ YOU RD 😊😊😊 (I wonder what’s d real name of mama RD so I can add him on my ig/twitter/fb account, your such a gem and answered prayer) ***wish you’ll find ways to create a site or blog that features not only pictures but the entire video of their naughtiness, para level up lang 💋💋💋

  42. Anonymous says:

    Matigas na ba yan or Hindi pa??? Just asking… Pede na’toh sa SeanCody.com 😛😛😛

  43. Anonymous says:

    Nine inches? Ows?!

  44. Anonymous says:

    Hindi si spainhour. Yung shape ng face nya ay oblongish, mas hawig sya dun sa host ng its showtime na member ng volcanoes dati. Forgot his named

  45. mamaru says:


  46. Anonymous says:

    Happy Anniversary RD. You made me gay! Haha. More power and keep on doing what you are doing!

  47. Anonymous says:

    happy anniversary from a loyal follower since your’hot men in the Philippines’ days. =)

  48. duka dimantova says:

    nice! totally waxed and uncut

  49. Anonymous says:

    Well is that eric tai or John Spainhour? John said his dick isn’t long though. Just like what’s on the pic. Pero okay na mataba.

  50. ate nora says:

    Yeah the first time I knew about this site, it was still named Hot Men In The Philippines, with the blue theme and nicely arranged archived and I have been checking back on this site since 2008. Thank you for all of these RD and I wish there was a way of supporting the site.

  51. Anonymous says:

    You’re a good man, Mr. RD. Thanks.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Duty free! Mas kebs yung kay Neil Etheridge!!! Sino may gusto? Give me your email.

  53. Noni Moose says:

    Of course we’re reading it RD. I read every caption of every pic you post. It fires up the already hot pics. And I can’t believe I’ve been doing it for 9 years! Congratulations dear on your 9th! Let’s toast for 10 and more to come! Cheers!

  54. Anonymous says:

    dutay c john! hahaha

  55. Highron says:

    highron.adieu@gmail.com Thanks RDDANTES. Happy Anniversary!! 👍👍😊😊

  56. Ashie says:

    Good job RD, your follower here. Thank you for giving us this blogsite that has been part of my daily to-do list ever since. Di complete ang araw without checking your posts. Missing the kalesa banner, that quirky design. Hoping for more years and tons of hotmen to grace these pages.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Happy Anniversary RD! I’ve been a fan since 2007 and your website is the first thing I check when I wake up in the morning. Certainly brings in the good vibes. Lol.

  58. dean collamat says:

    Hi RD I’m a big fan of your site I always check almost everyday what’s the latest post as n religiously hehehe(true!).
    And since its your 9th year aniversary
    My warmnest greetings and more power to the site that we love dearly..
    Hoping to have a link with your treat to us your fan.a big thanks RD!

  59. kimco says:

    Congratulations RD for making it to 9 years! grabe im a silent follower from the very start! kahit saang lupalop ako mapunta kahit blocked site pa I make it sure I have access to your blog! Maraming salamat for fulfilling our fantasies and making wishes happen! ahaha fairy god mother lang ang peg.Pero seriously thank you for never giving up blogging. More power to you and your blog and more boys to come!

  60. kapalmuks says:

    Nice one RD, balik tayo sa heart shape, sino sya? lol

  61. Shaun Yngcong says:

    We love you RD!!! We super love you!! paano na kaming mga beckis kung wala ka??? Thank you sa lahat lahat!!!

  62. Ron Miranda says:

    Happy Anniv 🎉🎂😍

  63. Lombard says:

    Happy 10th Anniversary:)

  64. Anonymous says:

    Happy Anniversary RD!I’ve been a follower of your blog ever since you started! I remember you even quoted one post of mine you found so funny! Keep it up! Loves Loves Loves

  65. Anthony says:

    Is this erect? If it is maliit lang pala etits ni john

  66. Anonymous says:

    awwww… you only have one comment on your first post. Happy 9th dude!

  67. Anonymous says:

    John Spainhour!

  68. R says:

    happy anniv, rddantes dabest!

  69. nathanlee says:

    Happy ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. gaga says:

    Omj. Yes i was 17 then. Congrats RD. Salamat. God bless po.

  71. Anonymous says:

    RD…you should consider writing for a daily or a magazine, or perhaps publishing a book. Aren’t you one already? Aside from the dick pics, it’s the writeups that impress us. You are one prolific and terrific writer. Keep it up!

  72. jd says:

    Congratulations RD. I visit this site everyday so you’re a part of my everyday internet habits. Thank you for celebrating the beauty of Pinoy men & sharing it with us.

  73. brian says:

    Happy anniversary RD! Hindi kumpleto ang araw ko pag hindi ko navisit site mo. Thank you!!!

  74. marcoarellano2012@gmail.com says:

    Happy 10th rd. Ive been a follower since 2010..

    If you can ever post Gino Quintanas frontal. Id be complete. :)?

  75. Anonymous says:

    I can still remember how I had to type that blogspot thingy everytime I clear my history in my wide-screened Nokia phone that still utilized a keypad. Effort! Thank you for your generosity – for the nine years of looking forward to what’s posted at 5/6 AM. And I must say, you have been fabulous all throughout. That’s why I forced my parents to get me a data plan back in 2007. Haha! Now that I have my own, rddantes.com is a constant thing in my browser. I also love the fact that you write well. And for featuring a lot of MR. Super heart heart. But there’s a Twitter account that has same posts as yours. Ikaw din ba yun? If keeping this blog is your public service, ikaw ang kandidato ko this election.Happy 9th, RD!

    • rddantes says:

      Thank you. I don’t have any Twitter, IG or FB accounts. Heck one account alone (the site) is too much to maintain.

  76. Anonymous says:



  77. 3245fsdcsac says:

    I still remember…
    RDDANTES was NOT the name of your website 😀

    It was “Men In The Philippines” 😀
    It has evolved ever since then 😀

  78. Anonymous says:

    i think that is John Spainhour.. see his necklaces dito sa IG post niya, similar sa photos sa taas.

  79. Anonymous says:

    very similar yung necklaces sa IG ni John S.


  80. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations RD for this historic 9th year anniversary of your blog… It is such a feat to maintain a gay blog such as this with very limited audience- gays only. Besides, with lot of competitions around, you are still on the lead. Muah..More featured celebrity naked guys to come! We love you very much!!!!

  81. Anonymous says:


  82. robmarcosantiago says:

    happy anniversary rd I am a huge fan of your site since my doctoral degree days in 2007,while i am hammering in my head the hardship of studying my PhD in the famous univ ,I nailed my eyes everyday on your site to relax my eyes and calm my brain cells. I love you rd.more substantial and evidence based postings..muah muah love u and your site.once again happy anniversary

  83. Anonymous says:

    congrats and love you rd

  84. Anonimus says:

    with lots of love…
    mwah mwah RD…
    more powers amor powers…!

  85. Anonymous says:

    i am a huge follower of your blog since 2007.while i am having a hard time of finishing my PhD in famous univ here in manila,hammering in my head the concepts in our class is really difficult BUT i nailed my eyes on your site since 2007 to relax my weary eyes and calm my braincells.Until now your site is still my antidote to all my stressors.Happy anniversary again and more evidence based postings. Keep it up.Love you always

  86. Anonymous says:

    Ang daming choosy at reklamador. Titi ni john spainhour yan noh! Na never nyo masisilayan kung di dahil kay mama rd! Mag thank you na lang pwede!

    Thanks mama rd! Love you lots! Mwah!

  87. Anonymous says:

    Kabsat, happy anniversary! Pa-anniversary lunch ka naman — RBA

  88. Anonymous says:

    Rd im dreaming of sam ajdani’s cock pic plsss share nmn oh charot

  89. Anonymous says:

    Happy Anniversary RD…. Ang laki na kaya nitong Kay JS kesa Naman yung kay Paolo C. Ang liit…. 🙁

  90. Anonymous says:

    Sosyal, nagrereply si RD sa mga comments. Happy anniversary RD!!! Thanks for maintaining this site! Your wonderful efforts are greatly appreciated. I know how it feels to maintain a daily blog, it can get really exhausting. Sana wag kang magsawang magpost everyday! Cheers!

  91. Anonymous says:

    always enjoyed this site.
    thanks & more power to you Rd.:)

  92. Patrick says:

    Dami bobo na beki , yung nude pic ni jay eh gift for rddantes kaya hinihinginang email nya, hindi gift para sa atin kaya mga bobita kayo stop posting your email

  93. Ellis says:

    Happy birthday indeed RD!! Pwede ako nalang mag blow ng candle?? Char! Ang pink pink naman! Josko!!! Ang sarap!

  94. Anonymous says:

    RD ito ang patunay na ikaw ang santa ng sangkabaklaan! Mabuhay ka teh!

  95. Anonymous says:

    Whenever I wake up im the morning I say my mornng prayers. Then I grab my phone and tap safari and the R shortcut is there – rddantes.com. That’s a routine. Thank you mr dantes for the happiness you bring. Hahaha congratulations! More power. Hail you!

  96. Toni Tone Tony says:

    Omigosh RD! You never run out of resources. It really boggles my mind (how does he do it?!). I sometimes can’t help but think where these celebs go for a sexchat. Can’t help but imagine that I’ll be the one they’ll chat with haha Doesn’t hurt to fantasize, right?! I admit that I’m one of those people who’s been dying to see John Spainhour in his full nakedness. Well, almost just as I’ve pictured him in my mind. But seeing him now is so much better than what I have imagined him to be. Oh and he didn’t disappoint me haha
    I’ve seen the vids of Felix Roco, the one from Carlos Morales, Michael Pangilinan and some unfamiliar names yet their faces are familiar. But seeing John even if it’s just from a screenshot, it’s way better than the vids I’ve seen. What more if I see the vid. haha
    Btw., I would like to congratulate you for celebrating your 9th anniversary!I’m a huge fan so thank you for being an instrument in fulfilling the fetish I have for straight guys. I really love ’em straight. giggles* And like what you’ve stated on your post, I agree, this really is special! Thank you at mabuhay ka RD…:)

  97. ChukChak says:

    Happy 9th dickful, I mean fruitful anniversary MAMA RD! Since nalaman ko itong site mo, araw araw na akong nagbabasa at bumubisita. Hindi lang dahil sa mga pictures (pero syempre big factor yun) kung hindi na rin dahil sa mga salitang binibitiwan mo. Parang you always give your opinion in behalf of the LGBT community. Pak Ganern! Bye! haha

  98. Andres says:


  99. mortazn says:

    akala ko pa naman malaki dahil half american. hahahah..

  100. nimpa says:

    Congratulations Madam RDDantes! Ang tagal na pala, yung ibang kasabayan mo na blogs waley na hihihi… Thank you sa lahat ng mga shinashare mo samin!! more nota to your blog! Mwah!

    and OMG thank you sa post na ito makakapagdukit nanaman ako hahahahahahaha.. sana may magshare ng video, saka yung kay Kit Harrington na nakita ko sa post nung Adamsapple, kung totoo man at hindi gawa gawa lang yung screenie niya. pero I doubt it na madaling maloko si Jon Snow, unless super pretty nung girl na kachat hahahahahah!

  101. emerson andres says:


  102. Anonymous says:

    Ever since Hot Men in the Philippines, I was opening your site at least once a day. You always had the best content among similar sites. Those 9 years are a testament to your ability to exude class in your posts (no matter how “flashy” they were) which appeal to the community.

    Happy 9th anniversary! Much love from the bottom of our hearts.

  103. Branch says:

    Happy Anniversary RD. Thank you for sharing. It is a habit na talaga…. 🙂 Best wishes.

  104. igor says:


  105. Anonymous says:

    Mga hayok na mga bakla!mga walang bait sa sarili

  106. Joey says:

    Congratulation RD being 9!!! Ang laki na hehehe…ako kahit lagi invisible dahil enjoy sa pagbabasa ng mga comments, straight ako from the 1st year…syempre basa lahat at super enjoy sa “dick a day”…More power at isa sa mga super tagasubaybay mo…. JoeyGroban

  107. Anonymous says:


  108. PERSTAYM says:

    Hi RDDANTES, di ako regular na nakakaview ng site mo na to pero pagnagkakaroon ako ng oras na magnet talaga, lagi ko tinitignan ang rddantes.com, nalaman ko yung site nato sa ex ko last 2008 pa yun di pa ata ako nireregla nun (jowk lang), you know what RD, I am curious and really amaze to you sa mga updates mo halos ang lawak lawak ng resources mo sa mga mundo ng sankabaklaan- one thing for sure kaya nandito at alam namin ang site mo is just to find men in their most sexy and seductive photos or videos…yes I am happy to see several dicks of men(ma pa model sa gay bar, or kung san man, ma pa artista or hot dudes pa man),
    This is my 1st time to comment here sa site mo and I just want to greet you RDDANTES of a heartfelt congratulations and thank you for your hardwork for us to be happy…Happy 9th Year and hope for more years to come…

  109. Anonymous says:

    happy anniversary, RD! Thank you for all the great pics & vidz you’ve posted! All the best! Cheers!

  110. Anonymous says:

    mukhang pangarap nalang ito… hindi na lalabas ang video… 🙁

  111. Anonymous says:

    maliit ang etits pero mataba at malaki ang balls yumm

  112. darlo says:

    May I have this video pleeeeeeease? I really love him so sooooo much!
    Thank you! (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~


  113. Anonymous says:

    meron pa ba ?

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