T-back Thursday

Oh, whatever happened to Harry Laurel [and Justin de Leon, too]? Where are they now past their  indie nekkid frolic prime? Back when we were not yet awfully sated with cute boys dropping their pants, showing their butt and scrotum, these two lorded it over the gay fantasies of yore appearing in one memorable film and countless queer magazine spreads. Those were the days.


Today is the go-see for the biennial Bench Body underwear show in September. Models and wannabes from all over the country will troop to the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel to audition for the two-night show. The show’s a virtual fleshfest, with guys in their raciest and raunchiest selves. What were your favorite moments in the history of the underwear show? I have some list below:

Bruce showing his pubes and his shaft – well, almost.

Wendell‘s biennial buttfest.

– nekkid on stage.

Rafa‘s near-frontal, I swear he could’ve done it.

Jakey‘s butt floss episode.

And one more, from the recent show.

John Miller stays

Question: Why does John Miller prefer to remain in Manila despite offers for him to do Macau?  I’m just wondering because obviously a stint in the Gambling Capital of Asia is more lucrative than say, an appearance in Showboyz or a session at the bar formerly known as Lips. Surely, with his Aussie-Filipino looks, this 5’7″-tall former Provoq guy would be a top draw in the entertainment places in Fisherman’s Wharf in Macau.  I’m just particularly curious.

John Miller for two nights!

Newsflash: The shy Provoq guy, John Miller is headlining a show tonight and tomorrow night [28 and 29 November] at the bar formerly known as Lips [near LRT-2 J. Ruiz Station along Aurora Blvd in San Juan, M.M.].  It will be two revealing nights at the bar as John Miller – who changes the color of his eyes in six different hues consistent with his moods – strips to the bare necessities and the standard Lips gear, e.g. beads and sheer fabric.  Just watch the shows, guys, and see how transparent our Provoq man can get! Show starts at 11 p.m.!

Yay! It’s Chester Nolledo!

Funny, I have been posting Provoq photos in this site for quite some time and I noticed I haven’t profiled Chester Nolledo, yet. He’s one of the better-looking members of the strip-tease-and-dance group from Viva.  If his showbiz bio is to be relied upon, he just turned 21 a week ago. Prior to joining the skin shows, Chester was a teen co-host of a variety show, a bikini open contestant and a student.  He has already done four [4] movies since he entered showbusiness, the first one being the exotic dancer flick, Twilight Dancers.

Niko Arellano does modeling

For the meantime, while movie and tv projects are scarce, erstwhile Provoq guy Niko Arellano a.k.a. Aiman Manuel Perea, takes hold of his modeling career.  The tall, bright and bubbly Hiphop Bro of Provoq was in the Bench Blackout [underwear] show last July, and at the annual Cosmopolitan Bachelors’ Bash last September [shown in photo].  Too, he is now sporting mean dreadlocks in stark contrast to the clean-cut do when was still stripping for his group.

Engaging Gabz

Gabriel “Gabz” del Rosario is the only guy in the last issue of Climax magazine who did not expose his penis  and testicles and those body parts where the sun doesn’t shine.  He was rather “conservative” when he merely showed his buttocks in one of the photographs.  Apparently, the shy Provoq guy can’t do it just yet, unlike his contemporaries in the daring magazine.  Gabz was last seen in the road trip gay movie called Kambyo last summer.

On Friday nights….

… I look for Harry. Or at least, photos of Harry, to lighten my mood.  Terribly missed and definitely not forgotten, Harry Chua is now busy toiling at the salt mines in Macau.  He is pursuing his dreams of making it big, this time as an overseas worker earning big bucks. Apparently, showbiz would not give him that much, that’s why he left. I could only surmise. But just the same, he is best remembered as the boy with the baby fats and the sing-song provincial voice and the stubby penis – who blazed through our wild imaginings in that movie about the lonely lighthouse.

Where’s Logan?

Where is Anthony Logan of Provoq? I’m just thinking out loud and wondering because I have not seen him for quite some time.   Did you know that Anthony Logan used to be known as Kenneth de Guzman years ago when he and Aimann Perea aka Nico Arellano were intensely doing the rounds of the male bikini contests? The 5’11”-tall hunk dropped out of school [Computer Programming course at AMA-Taytay, Rizal] to pursue his showbiz dreams. Ironically, the shy and soft-spoken Provoq guy was one of the more daring ones in his group. Hopefully, he’ll do a Viva-produced flick in the mold of a Tito Jonbert.