Speaking of Bench and its biennial show, do you remember this scene at the Blackout Show a couple of years ago when [l-r] Josh Ivan Morales, Johnron Tanada, Anthony Logan and Gabriel del Rosario went on stage with nothing on but a few accessories covering their knees and arms? This only means that the Bench show is not only an underwear fashion show [It is also an accessories show]. And in case you forget to wear your Bench briefs for the go-see, you can always go commando and strip down, citing this particular episode in the fleshfest.

Anthony Logan is here!

Spotted: Provoq guy Anthony Logan at the Ice Cream Bar in Rockwell’s Joya Tower with a tall and decent-looking older person, possibly a resident in the area.  It seems that this shy Provoq guy is comfortable in the company of his unmanly friend.  Anthony Logan, who is not active in showbiz anymore, looks better in person with his clear and fair skin and muscled body. All along I thought he is still in Macau’s entertainment bars.

Anthony Logan in Macau?

Anthony Logan , the senior stripteaser of the group Provoq, is reportedly working in Macau, too.  That explains why he has not been very visible lately.  Apparently, he’s with a group of Filipinos performing at the DD3 Disco at the Fisherman’s Wharf.  DD3 is strictly not a strip club but it has male and female dancers who perform on stage while guests – mostly Chinese nationals with a smattering of Westerners – drink up and listen to loud club music. It is a good thing that Mr. Logan has found more gainful employment abroad.  

Where’s Logan?

Where is Anthony Logan of Provoq? I’m just thinking out loud and wondering because I have not seen him for quite some time.   Did you know that Anthony Logan used to be known as Kenneth de Guzman years ago when he and Aimann Perea aka Nico Arellano were intensely doing the rounds of the male bikini contests? The 5’11”-tall hunk dropped out of school [Computer Programming course at AMA-Taytay, Rizal] to pursue his showbiz dreams. Ironically, the shy and soft-spoken Provoq guy was one of the more daring ones in his group. Hopefully, he’ll do a Viva-produced flick in the mold of a Tito Jonbert.


Talks are rife that the pioneering sexy men’s group Viva Hotmen will be reactivated. I’m not so sure with the “regroup” word, though, as most of the original members have gone their separate ways – and, of course, have already advanced in years.  Reportedly, the management group which came up with the bevy of boys are putting together a new batch – more audacious and cocky.  “Viva” will also be dropped from the name, and instead the hunky bunch shall be simply called “Hotmen”.  For now, we’ll have to wait and see.  In photo: the Johnron [left] and Anthony Logan of Provoq, the Viva Hotmen spinoff.

Provoq guys in Bench show

While we’re at it, on the subject of the Bench show, I mean, here’s an interesting photo of guys who look familiar. Let’s see…there’s Maico Eduria aka Josh Ivan Morales, who’s no stranger to flashing in public. And then the guy with the outstretched arms [and clenched butt] looks like.. the Johnron! Delish! The other guy would have to be Anthony Logan, I presume. There were other Provoq guys in there, and although they were not that noticed, they were the most provocative among  all the models after all.

Cruise tonight!

Anthony Logan [in the Puma shirt] and Niko Arellano [who looks fresh and charming in person] of the Men of Provoq pose during a break from their rehearsals earlier at the NBC Tent. Polished and game, the boys are all set for their show tonight at 9:00. Tickets are available at the gate for those who wish to catch the show. The show Cruise has for its theme the different continents around the world: the macho dancers of the Philippines, the Yakuza of Japan, the punks of England, slaves of ancient Egypt, and the Chippendales of the US to name a few. Looks like it will be fun, fun, fun tonight at the Tent.

Two days to go [Cruise: the Provoq show]!

Provoq Man Anthony Logan, 23 years old

Just a couple of days to go and it’s time for the boys of Provoq in their most-anticipated show. Come hell or high water, Cruise is pushing through this Friday August 10 at the NBC Tent, with a series of “sexually-charged production numbers” from the main men, together with a host of other stripteasers and impersonators. A few remaining VIP tickets are still available. Get a free drink and a chance to interact with the Men of Provoq for every purchase of a VIP ticket. VIP section will give the perfect view of the Men of Provoq as they perform on stage.

For reservation of VIP tickets, email your name and contact number to lexbonife@yahoo.com. VIP tickets cost Php1,500 each. For other ticket inquiries to Cruise, you may contact Viva Concert office at 687-6181 local 620 or 745.