Speaking of Bench and its biennial show, do you remember this scene at the Blackout Show a couple of years ago when [l-r] Josh Ivan Morales, Johnron Tanada, Anthony Logan and Gabriel del Rosario went on stage with nothing on but a few accessories covering their knees and arms? This only means that the Bench show is not only an underwear fashion show [It is also an accessories show]. And in case you forget to wear your Bench briefs for the go-see, you can always go commando and strip down, citing this particular episode in the fleshfest.

Bruce Quebral bids showbiz goodbye

Former baller, Bench model, Cosmo bachelor and part-time actor Bruce Quebral is quitting showbiz to be a cabin crew member of an airline company based in the Middle East. Flight Attendant or Steward to most. Bruce says that a career in the airline industry is more stable and dependable, as he plans to build a family after five years. Oh well, it seems like this would have to be the last time we’ll get to see Bruce in his near-naked glory.

Marco hurls his briefs

I just notice every time there is a racy underwear show, ex-baller and now-actor Marco Alcaraz never fails to sling and toss his skivvies to the screaming audience.  A couple of Cosmo Bachelor shows ago, he cut his briefs inside his jeans and threw the used underwear at the girls.  And I’m not so sure if the screams were made in utter terror or sheer delight.  Recently, at the Bench show, he did just that –  except that he was in layered Bench Body briefs.  It looks like he’ll be doing that move every time then.

JC and Richard

Richard Gutierrez [right] and JC de Vera ham it up for the camera backstage at the recently concluded Bench underwear show at the Araneta Coliseum.  Although the two guys didn’t don the skimpy skivvies, they were shirtless and smoldering, nonetheless.  JC de Vera, who is waiting patiently in the wings as the next big leading man in showbiz, is being managed by Richard’s monster mom.

Ryan Eigenmann struts his stuff

Ryan Eigenmann also made it, albeit reluctantly, as a model for Bench in the recent Blackout show.  The actor, active in the indie circuit [recently seen as the male lead in the Cinemalaya 2008 entry 100]  and as the perennial villain on tv, walked on stage in his size-under skivvies. It was a cute sight as he didn’t have much of the typical male [underwear] model’s body.  Just the same, Ryan Eigenmann was naturally sexy that night.

“I slept with Mr. Hall.”

That would be the topic for the day. You can post your experience with Jon Hall– seen again in the latest Bench show after a long period of hibernation – in the comments page. You may discuss the shades of pink [from carmine to thulian pink] that best describe his member. Or maybe how he behaves in bed [does he snore big time?]. Or maybe how hard and tough his, uh, knuckles were when he was pounding you. This would be fun.

Flaw. Less.

Although models and actors are expected to be physically perfect, or at least perceived to be flawless, the hard fact is – they are just humans after all, with those little flaws and imperfections.  So if you look closely at Rafael Rosell‘s body in the photo above, or maybe Jake Cuenca‘s infamous butt [Jake fanatics are blindly denying, as they argue that the camera had imperfections. Funny.], you would see the  lines, spots, and scars that make them humans after all.  And nobody’s perfect.  The incredibly handsome-and-great-bod trick that you got last weekend probably had halitosis, undescended testicles, organic smell in his pubic area, athlete’s foot, jock itch or a tiny weiner.  And then again, a puny pee-pee would have to be another story.

Sexy Boy: Benjamin Besa

Twenty-three year-old Benjamin Besa was a former teen actor in GMA 7 before moving to ABS-CBN as part of the Star Circle Batch 15.  He is, of course, now fully-grown. And sexy despite his boyish mien.  At 6’2″, Benj was also a contestant last year in the Mr. World-Philippines contest.  The hazel-brown-eyed Benj, who is half-Spanish, was last seen as one of the models at that show in Araneta last week.

Carlo v. Ron

At that flesh show last week, two young guys who made some lasting impression were Carlo Guevara and Haroun “Ron” Morales. Who do you like best? Will it be the young-ish and reluctant boy-in-briefs Carlo? Or the sexy and brooding Haroun? The two were the top finishers in the Bench modeling search, where Carlo edged out Haroun at a nationally-televised finals night at the Araneta Coliseum last year.

Kian Kazemi’s Rose

Hypohetical question: If 21-year-old Kian Reza Kazemi puts that freakin’ thorny rose down there, in his penis, and suddenly throws it [the flower] at you, what will you do?  Hurl back the rose and shout invectives? Eat the rose, simulating oral pleasure?  Preserve the rose inside the pages of a big book when you get home?  Because at that show last Friday, the Filipino-Persian model-actor was actually shuffling that flower in his privates, much to the delight of the people watching that night. Darn!