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Carlo v. Ron

At that flesh show last week, two young guys who made some lasting impression were Carlo Guevara and Haroun “Ron” Morales. Who do you like best? Will it be the young-ish and reluctant boy-in-briefs Carlo? Or the sexy and brooding Haroun? The two were the top finishers in the Bench modeling search, where Carlo edged out Haroun at a nationally-televised finals night at the Araneta Coliseum last year.
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  1. carlo should never have won. sige impressed ako sa story nya na balyena na pumayat, pero haller, mukha naman syang unggoy, chaka pa magsalita. No wonder the runner ups are given more exposure.

  2. They are both tempting. Ikatlo si John James. If Carlo and Ron would be quarreling, it’s for my attention and love. Charing.

  3. Saw Haruon once at the Glorietta and I should say, he is really oozing with sex appeal…looks soooo yummy!!!

    So it’s Ron over Carlo!!

  4. juice ko mestiso lang yang si carlo noh. porque vah mestiso gwapo na??? haller!!!! mukha syang mestisong tsonggo! PWE!!!!

  5. All that “crotch-grabbing” gimmick is getting so blasse. Siguro sa dami nilang “guwapo” pero wala namang talent, gagawin nilang lahat mapansin lang.

  6. August 3, 11:31 PM

    you might have misspelled blase but you got the real essence of the Blackout Show (no offence, i often misspell my words. i don’t have the luxury of a secretary nor spellcheck).

    next time you see Ms. Rama, tell her in her face, what you said in your second sentence.

  7. IF I CAN PACKAGE…a hundred of Carlo & Ron in small bags, sell them, then i’ll be a rich man!

    I LIKE RON…what CP did you say you want, iPhone3G? HeHeHe!

  8. WAKE UP RON!…i just got Pinas price for your iPhone3G from Globe – 41,899PHP. you want it?…CALL ME. activation is up to you (that’s even more expensive OR we can talk about it, later).

  9. sumobra ang funda ni carlo. anyways, di ko sha bet. mukha syang totoy na tambay sa parlor, nagpapahada sa mga parlorista pag wala na pambili ng load.

  10. haroun is so cute… saw him in person na…. plus he is not a snob… and excuse me… talented po xa… mas talented pa kay carlo…

    about carlo.. haller!!! pa totoy effect ka pa… eh vaklushi ka rin naman….

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