Mirror Image

richardErstwhile matinee idol Richard Gutierrez reminds us that he is not yet past his prime. Of course, he’s still a hottie even if he’s already in his early thirties and a dad at that. Who doesn’t love a half-nekkid selfie of Richard? [I’m going to raise my hand now.]

dennistDennis Trillo has always thrilled us with his shirtless pics (and sometimes speedo photos). Whenever he takes off his shirt and pants in the name of hotness, the gay net explodes with glee. Who loves another image of Dennis showing off his pits and ample bulge?

The Brothers Gutierrez

Identical twins Richard [left] and Raymond Gutierrez were Bench models when they were teens. People saw a lot of potential in dem two – tall and fair and handsome in lots of ways. Photo above was taken, I think, 12 years ago when they were just 16 years old for the Bench clothing line.

And then Richard went on to become a teen heartthrob then a Cosmopolitan centerfold [leftmost photo] and a hunky Bench model, who walked the runways shirtless. He also starred in a lot of movies and prime time soaps on GMA. On the other hand, Raymond became a tv presenter because he couldn’t fit into the leading-man role. Plus he got fat along the way.

These days, Richard’s hosting Survivor Philippines and gained a bit of poundage.

And Raymond? Well, he lost a lot of the flabs. Recently he was launched as an endorser of Sexy Solutions, “a holistic fat reduction clinic that specializes in breaking the plateau, by helping you lose those last 10 or 20 pounds that never seem to come off despite diet or exercise.” So there. [And Chris Cayzer is also coming home from Oz. But that’s another story.]

Captain Barbell!

Paolo Paraiso [left] as Rodel The Sandman
and TJ Trinidad as Metal Man

Mike Tan as Anino

Ervic Vijandre as Kidlat

Akihiro Sato as Bruno the Hulkman

Richard Gutierrez as Captain Barbell
If you have a thing for cute boys in pleather, funny costumes and funnier names, then watch Captain Barbell tonight on GMA-7. Here’s the PR: Nearly five years after its original television debut, “Captain Barbell” takes flight once more as GMA Network launches the exciting new sequel to the action-adventure series tonight, 28 March 2011. The sequel promises to be more exciting, and the visual effects more amazing, as the greatest Pinoy superhero returns with a new league of extraordinary beings with astounding powers.

A Band Of Boys

Why is Richard Gutierrez surrounded by shirtless boys in cutoff denim shorts? Are these images for a gay indie flick – where he’s the star among badass, testosterone-filled horndogs in some grim, post-apocalyptic landscape? Sort of, except for the “gay” and “indie.” Mr. Gutierrez is doing a Valentine movie for Regal Films and it’s a trilogy. The third episode’s titled “Gunaw” – end of the world, last woman standing, sweaty boys with nice bods and one robust lead actor in denim jacket. There goes the story.


I just found these photos in my files and I thought I’d put them together, side by side. I’m not going to ask who’s hotter or yummier or sexier because they are both adorable. And, besides, there’s no real comparison, really –  Gerald Anderson [left] is only 19 years old and relatively new in showbiz while Richard Gutierrez, who’s turning 25 early next year, has been in the business since he was a fat little kid.  They are both popular, from warring networks but local brand Bench got them together as models and of course, coaxed into going shirtless in its shows and campaigns. And, who knows, they might just do the bikini briefs for the Bench ads soon.

JC and Richard

Richard Gutierrez [right] and JC de Vera ham it up for the camera backstage at the recently concluded Bench underwear show at the Araneta Coliseum.  Although the two guys didn’t don the skimpy skivvies, they were shirtless and smoldering, nonetheless.  JC de Vera, who is waiting patiently in the wings as the next big leading man in showbiz, is being managed by Richard’s monster mom.

Richard Gutierrez to do Jag?

Now, this is quite interesting.  Just because of the issue on who got the loudest applause during the Bench show last Friday, Richard Gutierrez‘s monster mom and manager is fuming maaaad at the underwear company. Apparently, Richard did not get noticed as much as the other celebs during the show because of his black makeup. And now, his mom’s at her tipping point, considering of moving her son to rival clothing brand Jag Jeans.  For the full story, click on one of the comments here.  Does that mean Richard will be doing Jag Black anytime soon?