Yesterday’s papers and social media carried this photo. While I may be late, I just have to say my piece: it amazes me the commitment and hard work involved in achieving a body like this and this site is vicariously happy that Raymond Gutierrez looks fit and fab these days. I guess I’ll have to drop the cake and the doughnuts now. Kisses and hugs to Raymond for telling us to get our ass in gear, and for giving people like us hope and inspiration!

The Brothers Gutierrez

Identical twins Richard [left] and Raymond Gutierrez were Bench models when they were teens. People saw a lot of potential in dem two – tall and fair and handsome in lots of ways. Photo above was taken, I think, 12 years ago when they were just 16 years old for the Bench clothing line.

And then Richard went on to become a teen heartthrob then a Cosmopolitan centerfold [leftmost photo] and a hunky Bench model, who walked the runways shirtless. He also starred in a lot of movies and prime time soaps on GMA. On the other hand, Raymond became a tv presenter because he couldn’t fit into the leading-man role. Plus he got fat along the way.

These days, Richard’s hosting Survivor Philippines and gained a bit of poundage.

And Raymond? Well, he lost a lot of the flabs. Recently he was launched as an endorser of Sexy Solutions, “a holistic fat reduction clinic that specializes in breaking the plateau, by helping you lose those last 10 or 20 pounds that never seem to come off despite diet or exercise.” So there. [And Chris Cayzer is also coming home from Oz. But that’s another story.]