Summer Dads

Sometimes, men of a certain age trump boys with raging hormones. The “sometimes” came in the fine form of Wendell Ramos, who went to the beach and well, showed off his fab form.

His good friend, Antonio Aquitania also gave off that DILF vibe.

Surfer and businessman Luke Landrigan is always clothes-challenged.

Do you remember Paolo Paraiso, who’s mooning us now?

Captain Barbell!

Paolo Paraiso [left] as Rodel The Sandman
and TJ Trinidad as Metal Man

Mike Tan as Anino

Ervic Vijandre as Kidlat

Akihiro Sato as Bruno the Hulkman

Richard Gutierrez as Captain Barbell
If you have a thing for cute boys in pleather, funny costumes and funnier names, then watch Captain Barbell tonight on GMA-7. Here’s the PR: Nearly five years after its original television debut, “Captain Barbell” takes flight once more as GMA Network launches the exciting new sequel to the action-adventure series tonight, 28 March 2011. The sequel promises to be more exciting, and the visual effects more amazing, as the greatest Pinoy superhero returns with a new league of extraordinary beings with astounding powers.


The only question left to ask, after posting this picture of hot hunks: If you were given a chance to choose just one guy from the photo, who would it be and why? Maybe you will pick Paolo Paraiso, hot daddy yet all too yummy. Or maybe the short boyish one, Luis Alandy. There are still others who go for the man-on-the-street appeal of Jay Manalo. Or the hunky former models Christian Vasquez and Reggie Curley. And what’s the name of the chunky one with the buzz cut? Carlo Maceda! The first winner of the annual Mossimo Bikini Summit, most memorable because he appeared then in tight briefs showing off the huge bulge of his penis. I’ll take them all, if you ask me. These Barako Boys of yore.

Paolo Paraiso goes very daring

Finally, after all these years lusting after this guy, model-turned-actor Paolo Paraiso is baring all on screen in the movie Immoral.  The movie, which is directed by Adolfo Alix from the screenplay of Jerry Gracio [Santa Santita], is part of the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival 2008.  It is the story of a man, his wife, and male lover all in one roof [hmmm, sounds familiar, I think this was the theme before in an Anton Bernardo flick with a Paraiso in the title].  Nevertheless, Paolo Paraiso promises, in this movie, to show a side we apparently have not yet seen before. I can’t wait. 

Men in Shorts: Paolo and Piolo

I just finished my 10K run earlier at the “On Your Mark: Draw the Line Run-for-a-Cause”, a fun run sponsored by QTV for the benefit of the Women’s Crisis Center at the East Avenue Medical Center [I did below 45 minutes!]. With all the men in running shorts out there,I couldn’t help but get distracted. Tee-hee. And then again,I just thought I will put up photos of men in shorts this morning: Paolo Paraiso [top photos] and Piolo Pascual. Both PP’s were shot in candid moments while shooting as leading men for their respective projects – Paolo for the commercial dud Ate [Sister] and Piolo for the fantasy soap Lobo.

Paolo Paraiso in bed

Let’s see: There’s a loyal reader who posts his comments daily. Almost daily. He goes by the name of armpit lover and of course, we all know what he loves most in the posts. As an offer of largess, here’s a photo of model-turned-actor Paolo Paraiso, who was last seen in the movie Ate [Sister], which seriously did not make money at the tills. The former member of Barako Boys is busy with movie and tv assignments lately, and I am awfully glad he is visible in showbiz.

Sexy Single Dads

Models-turned-actors Christian Vasquez [left] and Paolo Paraiso are just two of the sexy single fathers in showbiz. The 6’1″-tall Christian Vasquez, who is now 30 years old, has a son tucked somewhere in Bacolod. On the other hand the 6′-tall 25-year-old Paolo Paraiso has an infant son with an ex-live-in partner. Both dads appeared together in the Vagina Monologues knock off, Penis Talks, and in the now-defunct sexy group, Barako Boys. Paolo is now an exclusive talent for GMA Artist Center while Christian is still a freelance actor.


Dingdong Dantes
The 8 Cosmo Centerfolds

l-r: Jon Mullally, Paolo Paraiso, Joem Bascon
Bruno Folster and Marvin Wijangco

Derek Ramsey and Luke Jickain

It was a screamfest. The Cosmopolitan Bachelors’ Bash was a howling success, judging from the deafening shrieks from an audience gone wild over the eight Cosmo centerfolds who showed up, plus the other daring men who walked the stage shirtless and sometimes, in their bikinis and skivvies. Derek Ramsey drew the loudest reaction from the crowd, as well as Dingdong Dantes and a revved-up Luke Jickain. While Joem Bascon was cutesy and Jon Mullaly aka Jon Avila was bashful, Bruno Folster and Marvin Wijangco were working the audience with their charm. Of course, Paolo Paraiso, who went in first, threw his shirt to the audience and walked the ramp, confident and sassy. And then there was Dingdong Dang-Teats, in a dramatic entrance. For a while I thought he’ll just stick with his shirt on. But then again, he simply ripped it up and proudly strutted the catwalk.

What’s wrong with the 69 Cosmo “bachelors”?

Jake Cuenca [left] and Paolo Paraiso

l-r: Luke Jickain, Marvin Wijangco and Joem Bascon

This year’s edition of the Cosmopolitan [Philippines] Magazine’s ten centerfold hunks is a sexy and good-looking bunch, no doubt about it. But for years, it has baffled me no end how Cosmo chooses its 69 “hot, new bachelors.” As a tagline, Cosmo wants us “to get ready for a hunkfest.” Right. Throw in an ugly Agassi kid in there, some callboys and wannabe models [especially this short dark guy from Sta. Cruz, Laguna with dubious origins, who looks old but claims he is only 20 years old], and you’ve got a hunkfest? I am not saying everyone in the 69 list do not deserve to be there. Some should not be there because they are not hot, not new, not hunks, not handsome, not straight enough to deserve a bit of space in the glossy. Methinks some persons in the list were merely accommodated by the casting director [incidentally, the manager of Dennis Trillo] as a courtesy to their managers, benefactors and supporters.