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Models-turned-actors Christian Vasquez [left] and Paolo Paraiso are just two of the sexy single fathers in showbiz. The 6’1″-tall Christian Vasquez, who is now 30 years old, has a son tucked somewhere in Bacolod. On the other hand the 6′-tall 25-year-old Paolo Paraiso has an infant son with an ex-live-in partner. Both dads appeared together in the Vagina Monologues knock off, Penis Talks, and in the now-defunct sexy group, Barako Boys. Paolo is now an exclusive talent for GMA Artist Center while Christian is still a freelance actor.
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  1. correction, xtian already has 2 sons. and sadly, hindi namana ang kagwapuhan ni daddy. ang CHACHAKA!!!!

    sana maghubad pa ng maghubad si papa xxxtian. grabeh ang appeal nya kahit may anak na.

  2. yes, i always get distracted every time i see his baleno billboard. in his undies, christian is, uhh, sinfully sexy. too bad he is not given the break even in teleseryes.

  3. Mabait ang dalawang lalakeng iyan. Si Christian lang nakabawas sa appeal niya ang katabaan, you know, yung sobrang muscles, parang Carlo Maceda at Carlos Morales. Sana huwag tumaba nang ganoon si Paolo. Si Paolo ay mukhang native Brazilian na nakatira sa kagubatan ng Amazon.

  4. Basta hongkong trip and pangshopping pwede na daw idaddy si Christian vasquez for one night that’s what I heard from his ex-designer friends….mmmmmmyummy! true kaya ito?

  5. they look like a couple of latin gay porno actors(the ones you rent in your local video store), so eager, ready to drop their trunks and get into some heavy action.

  6. we rily can’ deny the fact that christian is really good-looking sexy and yummy guy… tignan mo p lng tulo na laway mo hahaha

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