Pretty Boys

Pretty, pretty boys, shirtless and in denims. Who’s the fairest of them all? Is it Be Bench runner-up John James Uy [leftmost], now a commercial model and bit player on tv? Or maybe ABS-CBN’s new boy-of-the-moment Haroun Morales [2nd from left]? I bet some dig ex-Manhunt International contestant Marvin Wijangco [3d from left] more. Others like former Big Brother housemate and model Kian Kazemi [rightmost] . Catch these boys in July when they go on stage in their briefs for the biennial Bench underwear show!

Kian Kazemi is getting hotter!

Kian Kazemi [left], the 22-year-old Filipino-Iranian model who snagged relative fame as one of the housemates in the Philippine edition of Big Brother, seems to be getting sexier by the day. And he is starting to get noticed. At the biennial Bench underwear show last year, he showed his lean and mean form, much to the delight of the shrieking audience that night.  Recently, he won at the Star Awards as one of the Best Travel Show Hosts for his ABS-CBN show Trip na Trip.  Kian Kazemi should be getting more projects soon, if you ask me.  By the way, Kian is shown in the picture with his friend, a model-actor by the name of Jude Marco.

Kian Kazemi’s Rose

Hypohetical question: If 21-year-old Kian Reza Kazemi puts that freakin’ thorny rose down there, in his penis, and suddenly throws it [the flower] at you, what will you do?  Hurl back the rose and shout invectives? Eat the rose, simulating oral pleasure?  Preserve the rose inside the pages of a big book when you get home?  Because at that show last Friday, the Filipino-Persian model-actor was actually shuffling that flower in his privates, much to the delight of the people watching that night. Darn!