On Friday nights….

… I look for Harry. Or at least, photos of Harry, to lighten my mood. ¬†Terribly missed and definitely not forgotten, Harry Chua is now busy toiling at the salt mines in Macau. ¬†He is pursuing his dreams of making it big, this time as an overseas worker earning big bucks. Apparently, showbiz would not give him that much, that’s why he left. I could only surmise. But just the same, he is best remembered as the boy with the baby fats and the sing-song provincial voice and the stubby penis – who blazed through our wild imaginings in that movie about the lonely lighthouse.

19 thoughts on “On Friday nights….”

  1. He left Hongkong, he broke up with his BF. Unfortunately he is no longer interested in joining showbiz. He also gained a lot of weight eating lechon…..

  2. He has a BF na architect, his name is Bong and he’s based here in HKG. Actually he provided Harry with everything until they had an argument regarding money. Harry is back in Bicol with his wife. He gained a lot of weight when he was here what with the endless eating and drinking Bong gave to him. He was supposed to be at the Bench Show……

  3. Ginarahe sya ni Bong dito sa HKG at doon sila sa Lamma Island nakatira but now they split up, contrary to reports he didn’t work, just stayed home. Bong provided everything….

  4. juice mio carpela kaw ba yan? naku true yan pag si dj jomel ang nag sey reyna yan ng hk noh maniwala kayo…na laps mo ba sya dyan? kamusta naman ang eros show mo dyan with guia? im sure mega laps mo ang mga menthol

  5. Naman trulili yan right from the source. I went to dinner with Bong and kinuwento nga nya ang nangyari. Mahilig si Harry sa mga computer games kaya stay lang sa balay. Kaya sila nagaaway ni Bong kasi ayaw nang magtrabajo ni Harry puro laro lang, kaya naloka ang bading, walang ginawa kungdi maglaro and lumafang kaya he gained 25 lbs na, di na rin nakapag gym kaya nasira na katawan kaya di na nakasama sa Bench show…

  6. it’s true na madaling gumawa ng kwento… so you might as well show us proof… a simple photo will do… otherwise, puro nonsense lang yang kwento mo… guni-guni or pantasya, whichever! bwahahahahahahaha!!!!

  7. sorry I don’t have his pic, si Bong meron. I don’t force you to believe my story but I am not a liar and I live in Hongkong and I am quite well known here. Just want to share what I know about Harry it’s up to you to make the final judgement. Last thing I heard he is studying to be a seaman. …

  8. He kinda let go of his nice body. He was in the last Ai-ai/Robin movie. He looks 4 months pregnant, with matching manas sa mukha.

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