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Rafael Then

This used to be Rafael Rosell, hale and hearty before he became gaunt and ghostly. This was taken when he was just starting out, showing a lot of promise and determination to succeed in showbiz – come bikini or high water. He did make it alright, in fact he was one of the favorites in the underwear brand’s stable of talents. These days, he’s playing bit roles in GMA.
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  1. naka one night stand dati ng friend ko ‘tong si rafael. reggie regalado maabong lang daw ang size ng dennis notriya nya. pero ang bango daw ng signit at magaling bumayo. lagi pang may nakareadyng condom sa walllet

  2. May pic yan na Bench Body noon kuha nung chakang baklang stylist kuning ng ASAP yung taga Angeles, see thru. post mo naman RD!

  3. Wise decision to move to GMA. He saved himself from further sexual exploitations by gay execs and their faggot minions.

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