Hot Men in the Philippines

Ages ago ….

….Derek Ramsay still had lots of hair, and was just starting out. Of course, the potential was there and he was just waiting for his grand time in showbiz. He’s now one of the more sought-after leading men in movies and on tv. Of course, he has also stopped wearing bright red lipstick.

….Rafael Rosell was fresh and showed signs of being an exhibitionist already. He was one of the favorite models of Bench Body underwear as he had a nice body – lean and tight and delish, with all the right bulges. Now he’s off the Bench and he looks tired and gaunt.

….Jon Hall was all over the Bench spreads in his tight briefs. He loved getting it on for the underwear company’s ads, racy and risque, and no one complained. Jon’s now semi-retired from the scene, appearing intermittently for the cameras when there are modeling stints around.
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  1. mukhang beki si derek dito ah….lol..pero si john hall talagang type ko, animalistic kasi ang appeal parang neil etheridge, laki pa ng titi….si rafael naman type ko na to eversince nung closeup commercial nya

  2. akin na lang si rafael kung ayaw nyo sa kanya. mukhang ltr. si john hall naman, my gas! wasakiki maski one time lang!

  3. nagpatuli na daw si rafael sabi nang friend kong doctor siya nagtuli dito bagong tuli lang ito siya. laki daw nang ulo nito.

  4. hay sana naman rd makahanap ka ng pic ni rafael ng hubad talaga..or pic ng titi nya kasi sya talaga yung ultimate crush ko sa showbiz…

  5. If I know, kahit supot yang si Rafael, kapag ibinuyangyang nya na sa harap ninyo yang tite nya, I’m sure, go luhod kayong mga hipocrita!

  6. Mukhang malaki na hindi si John Hall. pero type ko pa din sya kasi ang lakas ng appeal nya. lalaking lalaki!

  7. si Rafael ang tipong frustrated hubadero noon. kaya ngayon hubad na ng hubad. tama ka RD wala nang seseryoso sa kanya kasi ganyan ang dating nya

  8. kachika ko si manay aubrey miles dati. reggie regalado lang daw ang notes nitong si john, very disappointing daw. Eh size queen pa naman si aubrey. ayun nagtagal kay troy. 🙂

  9. All male models for Bench mostly come across as handsome or cute “artistas”. None of them ever spelled “sexy” the way John Hall does. That guy is a man.

  10. pangit pa non ni derek. LOL.

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