Gone Fishing

These two resident shirtless boys of ABS-CBN are not at all threatened by the half-naked entry of Aljur into the studio system. In fact, Vin and Joseph went on a leisurely trip to the murky river to catch dead fish. You know, take their minds off the competition, hatch an evil plan and show off the washboard abs in the process. I’m not asking who’s better, this time.


er1  er3 er4There’s always someone for everyone’s weird tastes. Vin Abrenier2ca, for example, is your hunky Pinoy everyman. He’s the straight shirtless neighbor who wears the same smelly basketball shorts for a week or two. The one in the corner street drinking strange gin concoctions with your brother in the middle of the day. The construction worker who deserved a second, third look because of his hot bod and interesting face. The flirty waiter who likes to wear tight shirts and cheap ass jeans. Vin Abrenica is hot!