Action Man

One more serving of Vin Abrenica. In his underwear. It seems like he’s enjoying the bulge-whoring lately, and we’re glad he’s doing it for us, for Hanford brand. We love him to bits, we can’t get enough of his sexy body, right?

25 thoughts on “Action Man”

  1. Puhrang this is the hottest picture in the Universe my Momsh RD!!! No words… pehroh, thank you po Momsh!!!

  2. I suggest he has to begin pulling down his underwear, so the gaylandia would drool over him and make him the ultimate hunk in their fantasies. Kung ganyan ka na lang ng ganyan, walang mangyayari sa iyo. Wala na ang istasyon mo, eh. So, wala ka na work.

  3. And sherep! Pero sana meron mas sexy na photos. Even Mikael’s shots before were hotter than these relatively tame pics.

  4. Open secret ba sa Revel na boytoy yan ni timyap? di ba nagseselos asawa kuno nung baklang intsik na yun?

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