Not Has-Beens

It ain’t over till the boys hang up their tattered undies. Ian Porlayagan (left) was last seen consorting with an infamous conman after his Mister Philippines stint in 2007. He’s back modeling skivvies and he still has it IMHO. John Spainhour, on the other hand, was a long-time Bench Body model until he declared “Change is Good” for Avon. Do you like daddies?

For Lay Again

Now and then we feature then-and-now photos of some of our objects of fancy a few years back. Ten years ago, Ian Porlayagan was winning every male personality contest in town. He went on to become a top model for almost every local fashion designer until he disappeared from the limelight. A few days back, he re-surfaced at the Bench Body go-see. Does he still have what it takes to be an underwear model?

Monday Miscellany

Contributions from far and wide.
Carlos Agassi wants to do a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.
Young actor Albie Casino is getting buff. Maybe he’ll drop the pants soon
Aljur Abrenica is averse to shirts when performing on tv and we’re not complaining.
Benjamin Alves is the new model of the camel-toe shorts.
Bodie Cruz wants to fly with his new bod.
When  will Daniel Matsunaga bare his untrimmed 70s bush again?
This would have to be Ian Porlayagan in yellow shorts showering outdoors with his rich friend.
JC de Vera would have loved to shower with rich friend, too.
Cutie model Lancer Serrano could be an actor. Or a nude model.
And what’s with the Markki Stroem fascination lately? He’s taken. For now.
Paulo Avelino is gaining weight. Not hot.
This is hot: ex-underwear model Raph Almeda doing a bathroom selfie.
Model Mark McMahon‘s body highlighted by bad stage lighting.
Victor Basa is a new underwear endorser.
And dear Zuher Bautista wants you, us to leave them alone!


In the twilight of his modeling career, Ian Porlayagan can look back and say with glee that he had a successful run in the business.  From a regular bikini open contestant in the province, he has climbed his way up the modeling ladder – with appearances in the Philippine Fashion Week, Bench shows, Cosmo Bash, and even the runways of Singapore and Thailand.  I don’t know, though, where he is now.


At the annual sleazefest of male models called Cosmopolitan [Phils] Bachelor Bash five years ago, top male models were seen primping on stage during the finale. There’s the omnipresent  and stage director’s favorite Mark Manicad,  Mark Onir partially hidden by Luke Jickain, John Lopez looking very happy with Adrian Racho, with Ian Porlayagan behind him and Lance Howard. It was one happy bunch. Oh, wait, isn’t that JC Tiuseco in grandpa briefs? 


Two things. One, I’m just wondering why they have those bikini shows for guys during the Philippine Fashion Week [PFW]. Although it’s supposed to be for the summer collection, so-called bikini designers didn’t show that much [no pun] during the last PFW in terms of originality and innovativeness. Case in point – bikini open regular and model wannabe Ian Porlayagan in shoddy jeans jacket and underwear with a design reminiscent of those clouded photographic studio backgrounds. Two, do models return the bikinis after wearing them on stage? Even if Ian Porlayagan already had a wedgie in them briefs?

Ian Porlayagan Waiting

Here’s one guy who nearly made it. Sort of the shoulda-woulda-coulda type who somehow had it going early in his career only to be waylaid by wrong trips and turns [and tricks, perhaps]. Ian Porlayagan graduated from the small and sleazy bar bikini contests when he won Mister Philipines-International two years ago. It could have been a big boost to his modeling career, except that nothing happened after that. The next year, he competed again – oddly enough – in the same contest that would send a rep to the Mister International pageant in Taiwan. He didn’t win. His unlucky streak continued as he also lost at the Body Shots 2008 contest. Right now, he’s doing go-sees for designers and commercial brands hoping to make it big soon. His photo shoot for gay mag Frontman Reloaded in the Racho mold is still unreleased.