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A Replicating Musk

dscf1837Crowdsourcing is good. Sometimes I get all these gratuitous images in the mail, and they’re too good not to share with you, however mean and nasty you can be with all your fussy, finicky comments. This weekend’s post is all about anonymous guy in the shower, cocked and ready for the big, wet one. You are most welcome!

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    1. Grabe rd, 2x akong nilabasan. Antgal q n tong gusto, lalo n sa vids niya sa youtube panalo tlga. Meron kc syang spunk, ung parang lalaking lalaki. Kaso nga lng, mukang di rin sya mahal. Salamat rd!! *regine*

    1. like na like ko ang pose na ganyan sa mga mhin. parang ready sila na umupo sa fez ko para madilaan ko nang husto ang anus nila. hmmmm….yummy!

  1. Thanks RD! Patrick San Miguel from Imus, Cavite. Finished product na sa murang halaga at wala akong pakialam sa mga bitter dito na ayaw maniwala. Dahil nagka 5 minutes of fame sa Showtime, at talagang game sa casting couch, mahal na siya ngayon. Ang drama – first time ek ek, di pumapatol sa atin, pero latula, mamacare – ask mo lang kay bagets and you shall receive. At di lang once ko na book! Halos may bundy clock na siya noon sa bahay! Pero what’s past is past at sana happy ang next client!

    1. Teh, invite him as friend Sa FB …. If he accept send a personal message Baka Sakali…. Kaya Lang Baka nag mahalya na kc nga nag appear na Sa tv….. Style raw wag garapalan, yayain mo muna ng dinner or lunch….. After or while eating …… Then dun na raw Yan magbibigay ng prize….. Man of few words raw pero sulit naman raw ……performance wagi……

  2. Muy bien y muchas gracias por esto litrato de muchacho, Patrick San Miguel, RD. He is really hot and daring if he is naked and showing his boyhood. Because of that, I want to see him on his guestings in YouTube or on that TV programs. It’s difficult to be one of his fb friend. But we fortunately see his boyhood.

  3. I take offense sa mga married guys na suot ang wedding ring tapos nagpopo-posing ng ganyan. humanap nga kayo ng ibang hanap buhay na ipapakain nyo sa pamilya nyo. Or if not, tanggalin nyo muna yung wedding ring nyo. KAIRITA.

    1. wag ka mag-alala kase he will never like you din naman eh kahit di siya dugyot and maasim.


      1. pass or past teh? for 50 points anu ang tama??? hihihi kaloka a kung mag-inarte pero usage ng word di mo gets…

  4. Is that true that he was already married? I noticed his ring. How old papa Patrick San Miguel is? What booking means? Lao hu tungo’ taibithen gue’ atan ha’ i chili-ña.

      1. Which means booking is we buy “guy”? Oh it’s like gays are human traffickers. Is guy you mean is a boy, girl or gay?

        1. That is right, and by guy, i mean boy. Human traffickers? Don’t be silly, we just love life and we like to have a little fun every now and then.

          1. ok,I got it. I’m sorry for thinking of gays “human traffickers”. I can get boys for free of charge. Most of them are intact or not circumcised. I can peep the boys having sexual relationship with the gays free of charge.

            1. Lucky you. There are, of course, who are not into money and just want to have a release. Nothing wrong with guys who are intact, in fact, i find them more tasty As for voyeurism, we have the internet to watch all kinds of ‘activities’ 24/7.

  5. patrick, oh, patrick! sigh. i was afraid he had something like this in his past. to be fair, altho he’s not exactly model type (he’s kinda short & stocky), he did comparatively better than the other contestant on “it’s showtime!” in all areas: ramp modelling, photo shoot, and interview. the studio audience certainly thought so and voted for him! but his ‘reputation’ might have preceded him already. judges mccoy & zeus of hadtags were snickering and had that knowing look (hmmmm how did they know patrick was a bikini kontesero who just won a title a few days before? alam na!) when they sarcastically commented that patrick was okay and good-looking. oh, well! but i wish patrick good luck inspite of. major stars like boyet de leon & coco martin have had their share of nude photo controversies. heck, even the likes of anjo damiles managed to get a break in showbiz. if he puts his mind into it & focuses on developing his craft, who knows? he might just have a bankable career in showbiz. we (still) luv you, patrick san miguel!!!

    1. Edited? If his photos was truly edited, why he limits his friends on his fb account and then why his ig account is private? It’s really him whether he will deny or admit it.

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