More Merfolk

More sexy shirtless boys, as mermaids, er, mermen in the newest fantasy series of ABS-CBN. Expect Sam Milby [left] and Markki Stroem to show off abs and some skin as they take on underwater folk roles in the prime time series. I am hoping they’ll go beyond the spandex and wear more daring under-the-sea costumes, like these bikini open contestants –

Tim, Jaydan and Arjem

Vintage Ram Ace

This one’s vintage Ram Ace Bautista, back when he was a struggling bikini open contestant in small bars and venues. Of course, he went on to get a bigger, more developed bod. He won some competitions here and there. Appeared provocatively in some gay rags. And then he disappeared from the limelight. This post is for my good, old friend Mori, a fan of posts on Lips Bar, dick-a-day and Ram Ace Bautista. Happy Birthday!

Sunday Smorgasbord

Some cleaning on the files to do. Some boys, bikini boys actually who did photo shoots in the past, wearing nothing but their scents, a bit of pride and lots of guts. The others have stayed – occasionally appearing in bikini contests of small bars and clubs. Most have gone on to better pastures. Or day jobs. From top to bottom: Jerwin Mercado, Enrico Mofar, Lawrence Dimalanta, Franz Sioson, Jeff Luna, Ram Ace Bautista, Clint Narciza. Happy Sunday everyone!


These photos could very well be the front and back covers of The Anatomy of the Male Bikini Open Contestant book. Someone should write one! Maybe the psychology and sociology of it all. How Ram Ace [in photo] and his gang go in and out of the tiring go-sees and competitions in small metro bars and clubs to the town fiestas in far-flung areas. Just an idea…