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Back To Back

Back to back, who’s got more bump and blob? The one with the red briefs is AJ Ona while the one in white is Ram Ace Bautista. Both guys have seen better [and gauzier] days in various sexy competitions, and they are still at it. In fact, they are two of the most recognizable faces – bodies and bulges included, in the pageant circuit.
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  1. OMG! Ang hot nila! Nasa top 10 hottest pics ‘to dito ever! MARAMING SALAMAT for always topping yourself when it comes to this blog. It’s a good part of my routine and rightly so! (( :

  2. si aj ona ay alaga na ngayon ni alex m, isang boss sa unilab. kakakita ko lang sa kanila sa cubao 2 weeks ago at around 1am. mukhang galing sa eurotel.

  3. ” Anonymous said…
    Don’t spread rumors. AJ lives in Abu Dhabi now.

    August 3, 2010 3:14 PM”

    anung abu dhabi pinagsasabi mo? nandito si aj sa pinas noh! kaka-attend lang nya ng go-see last week sa makati. ikaw ang nag-iimbento ng kwento, gaga!

  4. without these 2 guys presence in Bikini contest around, would be boring! Really makes my rod stiff everytime. Ram yung tipong pang lollipop sa umaga, at si AJ pang magdamag all the way…Kailan kaya masilayan ang puno’t ulo nitong dalawang seksi…Thanks RD for this pic…

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