The Boys of Dyesebel

Starting tonight on ABS-CBN, we’ll get to see another mermaid series on prime time tv.  The boys who will bare their mighty torsos are Gerald Anderson and

Sam Milby. Will the boys be sexy shirtless all the time in the beach? Will they wear tiny shorts underwater? Will Gerald finally wear tight Speedos? Or Sam – barely out of oblivion – strip down to his boxer briefs? Wishful thinking, actually.

More Merfolk

More sexy shirtless boys, as mermaids, er, mermen in the newest fantasy series of ABS-CBN. Expect Sam Milby [left] and Markki Stroem to show off abs and some skin as they take on underwater folk roles in the prime time series. I am hoping they’ll go beyond the spandex and wear more daring under-the-sea costumes, like these bikini open contestants –

Tim, Jaydan and Arjem


Speaking of Dyesebel, a motley group of models posing as merfolk surfaced during ABS-CBN station’s trade launch of new shows. It looks like these guys are going to be regulars, albeit bit players, in the mermaid show. From left, there’s abs guy Jay Gonzaga, manly model Mark Manicad, chin-challenged Manhunt winner June Macasaet, and a cute and tall anonymous guy [can anyone ID him?]. Now, don’t start who’s going to be the mermaid in the group!