Oh how the once-mighty (cheeks) have fallen! Literally. Luis Alandy’s glorious buttocks, featured here countless times in the past, have taken quite a showbiz beating in the actor’s latest outing. He’s shown here fapping for the digital show Unlocked.

30 thoughts on “Cheeky”

  1. & here comes the bashing & jeering over something that is part of life—the physical changes the human body undergoes as we age.

    i guess you’ve all managed to stay forever 18.

    as for me, i appreciate his daddy hotness & if i had the chance to hit it, i fucking totally would.

  2. I am his age, pero my butt looks a lot fluffier than his. Pero whatevah, Papa Luis Alandy is still papable. Kahit di ganun ka-glorious ang et-et n’ya, daaai, hindi ako chu-choosy sa kanya. Sarap n’yang rumumansa, noh?! Kung iba ngang baklang hamog, mga constru na kadirs e pinapatulan, eh, kay Luis pa ba aarteh? Kalowka.

  3. Dahil sa pandemic konti na lang trabaho ng mga legit actors.
    Mag onlyfans na lang sila kung ganyan din lang, baka mas malaki pa kita 🙃

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