That ample ass

Seb1Our boy for today has made quite a name for himself in local showbiz by releasing cute and funny videos celebrating his well, cuter-than-cute cuteness and charm. What is admirable enough is that Sebastian Castro has done so in a proud and openly gay manner. I would like to take my cap off then to this wonderful boy who has done things fabulously. And nakedly, of course.

44 thoughts on “That ample ass”

    1. I bet you don’t have any serious relationship at nagbabayad ka lang ng lalake kung ganyan ang standards mo. Matrona.

    2. Korak. Mas masarap talaga kapag pwet ng straight ang lalamutakin mo. Yung tipong di nya alam kung masasarapan ba sya o maiilang sa ginagawa mo sa pwet nya. Mapapaungol na lang sya. Oooh!

  1. Sino ang bottom sa kanila ni Ryan? or VERSA sila pareho? I am waiting for Geoff Eigenman photo scandal… Please RD! 🙂

  2. I’m glad he didn’t get famous. Masyado kasing desperadong sumikat eh. Kadiri pa yung mga songs niya. SO CRINGEWORTHY!

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