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Hot Summer with Orlando Sol

The masculine name “Orlando” is Spanish in origin meaning “famous country.” On the other hand, “Sol” is the Latin name of the sun, and the modern word for “sun” in Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Icelandic , Danish, Norwegian and Swedish languages. Photo above shows Orlando Sol, basking in all his glory, perfect for the summer heat.
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  1. napaka well nourished ng kanyang alagah. gusto ko tuloy tumula.

    ako’y may alaga
    t*teng mataba

    LOL. jawbreaker ang papang itu.

  2. i think hey hav a show “concert w/ his group “M-GAGE” dis coming saturday at aryan theater…. corner remedios along taft ave…..

  3. ohhh…didnt expect to chance on this website…i know this guy,,,,ohhh he would never forget me….that im sure of….is popular already??? jus wondering

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