Mark Herras?

There’s a model at Lips Bar who uncannily looks like Mark Herras. His name is Errol [they always go by one name only], and he’s a regular in the contests at said bar, the last one being Glamour Boys 2008. In fact, people at the club call him Mark for his incredible resemblance to the young actor. Lips Bar is at 152 Aurora Blvd. cor. G. Reyes St., San Juan City, Metro Manila [near the J. Ruiz station of LRT-2].

14 thoughts on “Mark Herras?”

  1. ano ba yan…grabe naman ang pagkagarapal ng pagphotoshop.halatang tinakpan talaga yung titi part.masdan maigi.i clik ang picture nang makit ng malakihan.grabe.

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