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Jay in demand

There’s a movie in Cinemalaya 2008 that is  giving film critics something to talk about. Writer-director-producer Francis Xavier Pasion’s Jay is the story of two Jays – one living, and the other dead. According to the director: “The film defamiliarizes the operations of media, tv in particular, in bringing us their stories.  It shows how media can subtly give us their own version of the truth.” Too, although there are gay characters in the movie, the first-time director clarifies that this is not a gay movie. Baron Geisler [photo above, left], who is co-starring with Coco Martin, reportedly had a frontal nudity scene “which was integral to the story.” I think the next schedule of Jay will be on Saturday July 19, 3.30 pm at the CCP MKP Hall.
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  1. hay…. hope ma feature dito ang nude ni byron. tagal na kong tinitigasan sa kanya. o kahit semi nude lang if u have.

    TY & more power sa blog mong ugali ko na atang i-check 3x a day. lolz.

  2. WATCHED COCO in Daybreak. was not overly impressed with him nor the movie. his acting needs more depth if not realism. maybe he shows much of his feminine side. plus, daybreak’s elite storyline did not help at all. his other film, Condo, is now available on DVD at most stores…Nyeek! i’ll pass and save my $$$ for Antonio or Kambyo.

  3. Guys, nood kayo Cinemalaya, hanggang Sunday pa. Pero hanggang ngayong Saturday na lang ang “Jay”: yung 3:30pm sa CCP MKP Hall, tapos nagdagdag sila ng screening 10:00am CCP Little Theatre-which i’ll be attending. Yes, this film daw is not really a gay film but tackles a universal theme and gives insights not only relevant to homosexuals. It’s one of the best films daw actually, aside from the other great film “100”.

  4. the frontal scene was like one second lang. anyways, that’s not the only thing important. i saw it and it was a great film.

    “Jay” bagged a lot of awards last Sunday. including best actor – baron geisler, best picture, and best editing. watch watch watch! try to catch it, it will most likely have a screening somewhere.

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