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Noontime Hunk

It’s slim pickings of late. Aside from the wannabes duking it out in their tiny pageant bikinis, showbiz boys have not been posing in their undies (or weenies). We take what we can get and Yasser Marta has been quite generous with his durrty shoot. We seriously want the raw hairy look. Maybe Mr. Marta would oblige soon?

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  1. Oh ehm gee pouh Momsh RD!!! Whhat’sh on hish bhack pouh? Ishh thhat hair pouh bah??? Puhrang shoo untidyih aman pouh nean, shoo nashtyih!!! Hihi…

    1. Before you lambast others, why not check your grammar and spelling first? Stop pretending to be pretty girl (you’re not), moneyed (among beggars) and popular (in your dreams).

      Looks like the educational system has failed you given your grammar and spelling.

      Wait for this lowlife to respond with more nonsense. Just wait for IT.

      Wait for IT.

    1. Armsh suree puoh Lola Tita Edible Flowerpot peruoh bahketsh ginemit muoh ung bukshsan puhruh suh radiator cap? Dipoh binubukshan yahn. Et bahketsh po may ‘ b4 sa “yan”? Out of schul beksh kahren bah? Hihi…

  2. Looking back, remember he auditioned for LOCKOUT that eventually went to Paolo Gumabao? It simply means, game at ready siya, he’s willing to unleash his daring side. Alam naman niya cguro ang pina pasok niya bago siya nag audition.

  3. Bakit hindi i groom ito ng gma as sexy hunky actor, sa edad at looks niya di bagay sa kanya pa heartthrob o teenybopper role. Why not relaunch him as a Sex Symbol…

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