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Pretty please with sugar on top?

Yes, I know I just posted some photos barely a week ago.  But then again, these pictures of Gerald Anderson  are hard to pass up. So, pretty please, with sugar on top, can I tease and torment you again with these photos?  These were taken in a Boracay resort, with a wet, wet Gerald confidently showing off his young and developing bod. Happy Friday!
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  1. this is the first time i saw gerald with wet, unkempt hair, his bushy eyebrows reminding me of a young stallion about to be unleashed.

    yes, this is the best time to tame a young stallion like him, when cutesy boys graduate into hunks; i now visualize his testicles have descended fully, his nipples and body hair out to tickle, his fil-am cock reddish and throbbing in full width, and his fertile sperm impatiently waiting to get out, with help, wishfully, from a gay man! Lol

  2. ayy…nahimatay ako dito…….ang gwapo ni gerald…..sarpa niyang lamutakin at papakin………tama na please……..

  3. parang medyo pilit ang pagiging sexy ni gerard parang minamadali sana magpa ganda talaga muna ng katawan saka lumabas parang hilaw pa.

  4. i was thinking “missing link”, too. is his look considered “hot” in the philippines? really???? i don’t get it.

  5. for other cosmo OFWs who hasn’t heard yet, Gerald Anderson together with his ABS/CBN group will be on tour in North America this coming December. sa mga bading, this is your golden opportunity to check out how sexy papa G.A. has become and report back on his blog your opinion… stop kicking the can, buy your tkts now and treat yourself for X-mas.

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