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Puppy dog eyes

MartinThis is how cute actor Martin del Rosario looks like these days. He’s put on a bit of poundage, and of course, the body hairs are there  – the scruffier, the better to look more masculine and mature. And, as I’ve said before Martin can wear a tiny flour sack and still come out cute and sexy.

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  1. nakakagigil ang balbon. sarap dilaan all over.. shet.. type na type ko talaga ang balbonic beauty noon pa man at magpakailanman

  2. eto ang tunay na masarap at malaki ang ratbu.swerte ng mga nakatikim nangburat niya.

    pachupa nga papa martin. shit!fuck!

  3. so confirmed nga na nag rebelde sya dati sa parents nya kasi pilit na pinaghihiwalay sila ni Zuher. He confirmed sa PEP na nag rebelde sya recently

  4. Abangan nyo si martin at mark herras sa karelasyon,sa april 11 na. 2:30 pm. May intimate scene sila ni mark herras

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