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Body is a weapon

Speaking of Harry, his former pal and roommate Paulo Avelino is raking it in in show business. After his transfer to ABS-CBN years ago he became a household name, landing lead roles in the prime time soaps of the station. He went underwear sexy, too, in the Bench Body ads a couple of years ago. When will he don those little underthings again?
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    1. Ilusyonadang bading! Are you hearing voices again? Take your meds or better yet, go check yourself in at the basement of Makati Med.

    2. Pagbigyan mo na sya hanggang ilusyon lang naman kaya nyan! At forever lang syang ganyan walang papatol sa kanya kasi mahirap pa sya sa daga! Kabwisit ilusyunadang frog! Pwe!

  1. Rommate si Harry nung araw sa may makati sa Palm street, San Antonio Village sila nakatira , may malaking condo doon.

  2. Mga ateng panu malalaocean deep ang lolo mu eh siya ang bagong boytoy ng tiya ben chan *_* plus may new teleserye sya with angel and maja-dera


  3. i agree @Friday, 06 December, 2013 mga FEELINGERA! booking nyo mga mukha nyo parang papatulan naman kayo ni paulo! sorry na lang kayo pero paulo now is a hit! lols!

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