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Lean Martin

IMG_1314Young actor Martin del Rosario reminds you, fat person, not to eat too much rice or pork chops or cake. The 23-year-old actor with puppy-dog eyes keeps himself trim and slim on a strict diet. It shows, of course, in his half-naked photos for his Bench Body endorsement.

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  1. I never thought I’d have a crush on this guy. I was browsing through youtube last night and watched his performance on karelasyon. He’s quite a good actor and his voice was sooo lambing. I hope he goes for a more hair-trimmed body, he’d be sexier that way fitting his boyish clean mug.

  2. He got dreamy eyes. I love licking smooth skin but his is a disappointment though the body hair is perfect esp the pit!

  3. Puro kuda lang yan si zuher para ikabango ng pangalan niya pero ang totoo grabe pghahabol kay martin siguro dahil biggie nga daw itong batang to

  4. Sa Gold’s Gym Timog nagmeet si Zuzuhera at Martina. Sa wet area. Yung ibang artista ng ABS at GMA doon rin sa Gold’s gym nagwoworkout. Pero hkndi naman sila bading kaya hindi sila nagbababad sa wet area.

  5. Baby, mahal na mahal kita. This is Kristina, your girlfriend from high school. Ang palagi mong sinusundot.

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