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Martin about town

MartinDR1 It would be gay travesty really if I do not put his newest pictures in this blog.

MartinDR3Martin del Rosario is one of the most featured boys in this site, and somehow, he never fails to arouse excite us every time – with or without shorts, actually.


The young guy is most admired for his good looks, sexy demeanor and schlong dong giant ding dong. There! I had to say it.

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  1. sobrang hinihintay ko lagi post mo rd..hahaha mas inuuna ko na blog mo kesa kay FP,sobrang pasabog tong blog na to this 2016

  2. You got it right RD… I LOVE HIM MORE NOW than few weeks ago.. Good acting, good looks & awesome natural assets..Thanks to MDR for being generous & honest..& of course thanks to you RD!

    1. You got a microscopic dick and you’re PUTRIDly ugly and makes you so killable. He just hates you so much.

      No chance ka talaga.

      1. lol bitch you make this so easy for me

        i wonder just exactly how bad your squatter trash public school education was for “putrid” to be the only negative adjective you know. you didn’t have a “haute couture upbringing” ata kasi HAHAHAHA

        i should probably be flattered at all the time and effort you spend writing these beautiful things about me, but it’s probably just the angst of a failed abortion who grew up to be a sad excuse for a dick sucker talking

        i’d be tempted to murder you but it would be a waste of my time so struggle out with your last few aids-ridden years na lang HAHA try alleviating the suffering with your dreams of a “haute couture” childhood HAHAHAHA

  3. I do not see the hype. Sminall talk ako nito sa revel, after 5 minutes i made an excuse and talked to the hotter guys in the place.

  4. Para siyang si Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potte fame… Nang magpakita ng nostrilya lalong naging sexy at beki icon… LOVE YOU MDR!

  5. Guys kung bet nyo makalaplapan to. Go kayo sa Black Market suki to dun kung sino sino nilalaplap. Pero syempre girls lang.

  6. there is something in your eyes baby that makes you irresistible. lalo kong minahal si martin after the pic… grabe.. ikaw na

  7. I love MDR more today !!! He’s hot on cam & off cam. I’m just thrilled after we bumped each other in a straight bar in Morato.

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