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PRFU 3: Sexy Oliver

Twenty-five-year-old Oliver Saunders is a Filipino-Australian member of the Philippine Volcanoes. He plays along with his younger brothers – hotties, too – Matt and Benjamin. If you ask me about this sudden surge of info [and images] about the Volcanoes, it is because these boys are champions and they remain unappreciated in the Philippines. Here’s a link to their story, their valiant efforts in the international rugby scene. And besides, with Bench Body featuring them in tight underwear, I bet these boys will now be recognized. Big time!
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  1. guys pede tanong? ๐Ÿ™‚ … totoo bang my mga gay benefactor mga basketball player ng UE..heheh

  2. anybody here knows how can i get hold of the poster calendar by bench featuring these burly guys of PRFU? i really want to secure a copy before it runs out.. thanks in advance..

  3. Kung sa katawan naman talaga ang pag uusapan di hamak na mas maganda ang nagiging katawan ng mga Rugby players kesa sa mga Football players… ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Ang ganda ng kulay nya! Gusto ko yung mga ganitong lalaki yung hindi masyadong gwapo pero antindi ng appeal at maganda katawan!

  5. this is my type. ang gwapo at ang ganda ng katawan niya. i don’t like phil younghusband. di naman siya talaga gwapo.

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