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Beefcake Benson Hill has been in the pageant circuit for quite some time now, most recently as one of the more prominent contestants in the Ginoong Pilipinas 2009 contest. He didn’t win the title, though. Benson Hill owes his mestizo looks [and surname] to an American grandfather. This tall native of Balanga, Bataan lists his occupation as a businessman and a gym instructor in his own gym. No wonder he has a well-defined bod.
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  1. Pinaglaruan ng baklang cheap ang damit ha! Ewan ko ba bakit they are emasculating our guys with lowly costumes na mukhang girly

  2. Benson’s photos in Ginoong Filipinas mas revealing bakat na bakat! I saw them somewhere sana ilagay din dito!

  3. Hmmm I like him mukhang mabango at malinis siya. Hindi gaya ng iba dyan na mukhang dugyutin na naka bikini

  4. ang mga nananalo daw kasi sa mga bikini contest yung mga nagpapatira sa mga judges. as in uring! yung mga may K na natatalo, ibig sabihin ayaw pumatol sa judges.

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