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The lovely soft penis

Jeff copyThe majority of the boys posted here have been models and celebrities who have taken their shirts and pants off in the name of hotness.We take a break from these guys for today we’re having a serving of an entirely nekkid boy with a flaccid dick, posing in the name of, uh, hotness, too.  A couple of days ago, Jeff Luna was featured au naturel. A repeat post isn’t too bad, eh?

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  1. i luv to fondle a flaccid cock tapos chupain hanggang ito ay tatayo, ang sarap ng feeling habang tumitigas ang tarugo sa loob ng bunganga mo, ayy! naku, ang sara sarap talaga ng tarugo.

  2. of course not his fault, pero ang pangit ng pagkakatuli, i have no idea kung pwede pa yan i-repair.. anyone?

  3. May circumcision blog sa pinoyexchange. Pinarevise ko sa german cut yung burat ko. Si Dr. Matulis nagrerevise para ams gwapo na high and tight tulad ng tuli ng mga Amerikano.

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